Monday, July 28, 2014

What to Do When you Feel Defeated

We have all had days... weeks, some of you may have even months or years when you feel completely defeated, depleted, drained, not knowing what to do next or where to turn. THESE are the pivotal moments; the moments that will define and determine our future. I have never met a person who has achieved success who has not first failed... several times in fact. The one who fails most yet keeps going wins the biggest. A person's drive, ambition and determination must be bigger than their failures, they must be paramount to their obstacles. THAT is the mindset that changes the moment, and the actions that come from that moment will affect the outcome.

People who do not know me well may assume that I never feel defeated, mainly because I seem like the energizer bunny that never runs out of battery smiling from ear to ear most of the time, but I have broken down more times than I can count. I have run marathons on a rat wheel feeling like it would never stop and if it did I would likely fly across the room and hit a brick wall head on. What made the difference for me is that my dreams were bigger, my desire was paramount and my reasons for wanting to achieve grow as I continue through life. I don't know why I am wired like this, and quite frankly, as odd as it may sound it's both exhausting and exhilarating doing all that I do making me wish at times that I were more common; I never will be.

When you have a passion for something... mine happens to be helping others in whatever way that I can... it drives you whether you are holding the wheel or not. What I have learned is that only about 2% of the population are like this so if I could bottle these traits and sell them on Amazon I figure I would be a gagillionaire. (It's a word in my dictionary) Since I cannot bottle it, or squeeze it into people by syringe, I will continue to inspire people through my blogs, my books, social media pages and do what other great leaders before me have done... I feel that I am meant for more, I have a purpose and it drives me to do all that I do. I choose to lead by example.

I may not be a millionaire yet... but I am hopeful that it is in my future to be one. The burning desire to be something extraordinary is not for the wealth I may gain but because of what I will be able to GIVE when it happens, and I honestly cannot wait.

I had a hard time tonight trying to come up with a blog topic so I just started typing... this is what came to mind and I have decided to end it with an excerpt from the new book I am writing, and I hope that it is something that will inspire you to never quit.

There is nothing more worth it than the act of perseverance... 

It's the elderly couple who have been together for 50 years that still hold hands and look at each other with loving eyes; they know what they had to go through to get this far. It's the woman holding her brand new baby, totally exhausted after being in labor for 24 hours feeling happier than she has ever been in her life.
It's the man who stands atop the mountaintop with tears of joy in his eyes, hands sore, knees scraped and muscles defeated, looking down in disbelief at the climb he just made. It's the person who had a dream to be something one day who is now living that dream yet will never forget the journey, the sacrifices and the moments they wanted to give up.

So often, we let go... we throw in the towel when things seem too hard. Most people are more willing to never know what it's like to succeed than they are to do what it takes to make their dreams come true, to make their marriages last, or to divide and conquer so that they will have an inspirational story to tell.

I challenge you today to NEVER GIVE UP.. to persevere and continue on with what you are trying to accomplish until it happens. You have nothing to lose and your dreams to gain.

If you are failing at nothing... you are not opening your mind, your life, or your heart to experience new things. With everything new comes failure, with failure, comes success and lessons of what not to do again. If you want your happy ending.... you must pursue it with intensity because only YOU can make it happen. ©shelleygiard
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