Friday, July 11, 2014

Overcoming Obstacles...YOU CAN!

Today, as I sip my morning coffee, staring out the front bay window of my Aunt's home, I am smiling inside, for I have survived yet another few whirlwind weeks. Let's see... Abrielle was in the hospital for three days with double pneumonia. Due to the high pollen count... my two youngest and I are suffering terribly with seasonal allergies. As soon as she got out of the hospital, I was knocked down for the count for a few days with what they said was allergy related bronchitis; all in the last week of school; such timing. I was working hard with my financial business trying to gain a promotion that meant a nice big raise in commission, so I worked around the clock... set goals, met with families in the late hours of the evening and intertwined my other career in between it all, but I did it... I promoted in the last hour of June and promoted to Distict Manager which allowed me to check off another goal just before my business trip to Boston this week.

I am relentless, determined, and very different, but nevertheless, I am me; constantly setting heights and going after them often wondering why others don't do the same. Although I get tired, it is SO much fun and what a rush to push yourself beyond limits to achieve your dreams! I don't know what else to do with my time, it is how I am wired.

The first few days of July were peaceful, I forced myself to rest a bit, but allergies struck again and I started coughing. Worried that I was leaving on the 7th for a 4 day business trip to do hair, makeup and wardrobe styling for White Mountain Shoes Fall/Winter catalog, I decided to go to an urgent care last Saturday when it got worse. I was diagnosed with allergy induced bronchitis again and was dosed up with meds to help me breathe better. I began to feel better on Sunday but on Monday as I was taxiing the runway I received a phone call from the doctor saying that my x-rays were read by a radiologist and that I was walking around with pneumonia. I chuckled because I felt better, and knowing I had two long days of work, I was going to have to beat this. So I put my mind into high positive gear and thought about being better, not about my diagnosis.

I made it through... I kept my mind right and luckily, with meds, prayer and mindset, I manifested what I needed to make it.

Now, I did not tell you all of that for any other reason than this. In life, we are thrown things that try to stop us in our tracks... when this happens, we have two choices; give up or push on. Most people give up but winners push on. People around us may think we are insane; we probably are a bit... but there is a fine line between insanity and success and I will take my chances every time. Winners NEVER quit, instead they program their minds to only one setting... and that is the "secret" they possess. I am walking, living proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. I have had more obstacles, boulders and mishaps than many people that I know but what I possess that you may not is a willingness to do it no matter what it takes, to keep going when I have nothing left and to get back up every time I fall and simply hit my reset button to start again. If you want something bad enough, you will attain it if you JUST DO IT.

Today is my last morning in the crisp summer air of my home state of Massacusetts, and I have had a wonderful time working, seeing family and just relaxing a bit. I am looking forward to seeing my family in Florida, sleeping in my bed, and even cleaning my house. I truly love my life, I am thankful for everything in it... my pursuit continues to make all of it even better because there's always room to grow. I doubt I will ever be complacent, but that does not mean I am not content... there is a difference.

Whatever things you may be facing... whatever obstacles or emotions are erupting, just keep going my friend. Manifest what's inside of you that will push you through; for life was never promised to be easy but nothing attained easily is ever worth the same weight of something that you work really hard for and be proud of.

Despite what some people may think, there is nothing narcissistic about loving who you are, being proud of what you have become and overcome, who you plan to be and wanting to share it all with others so that you may inspire them and motivate them to be all that they can be. That is why I share, it's not for glory so don't ever think that is my motive. In fact, lifting others up, inspiring them, encouraging them, sharing our stories, learning to be raw, real and something to be spoken of and those who do it should be celebrated. Without inspiration, we would never look forward to anything, we would never have hope; I cannot imagine that life. A victory no matter how small or how big... it is still a victory, so celebrate each and every one.







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