Friday, October 24, 2014

The Grass IS Greener Sometimes

Today's blog leaves a strong message in short form. So here it is...

I would like to share an excerpt from my second book which I am currently writing... I hope it inspires you in some way and that you can share this blog post with someone who needs it.

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"Life is something that constantly moves; sometimes forward, sometimes back. Often enough to mention, we find ourselves in a vicious circle or in a place that feels familiar as if we have been there before even though it is a completely different experience altogether. I encourage you to pay attention to these moments the most, for I truly believe that these are the moments that show back up to see if we do the same thing we did before. I believe these are our chances to rewrite our story using the lessons we have learned in the past. I also believe that we will continue to be caught up in these circles until we finally get it right; for my life… that explains a lot.

Many people think that they have no control over what lies ahead; I am here to say that is the farthest thing from the truth. As I am constantly setting goals, reaching them and setting new… I know that every move or decision I make has EVERYTHING to do with where my life will end up. If only I could control the behavior of others as much as I could mine… life would be much easier and quite frankly a lot less frustrating. The problem lies in a person’s lack of responsibility for the actions not wanting to admit they screwed up… again. Not admitting that you should have, could have, would have, but didn't is destructive behavior that will not only ruin your spirit and mind but also the relationships with all the people that surround you. You must first accept responsibility, apologize when necessary and finally you must forgive yourself instead of carrying guilt on our shoulders. Guilt is a happy killer… it will suck you in and never let go if you allow it to. Guilt will cause you to make bad decisions, stay in relationships and friendships that you have no business staying in and will likely keep you from accomplishing anything new simply because you beat yourself up to a point of losing belief that you can do any better; when you stop believing in yourself… it’s over. "
         There are a lot of cliché sayings out there, some of them wise and absolute while others have exceptions. True... the grass is not always greener on the other side... but in some cases it is not only greener but it is softer, smells fresher and has far less weeds! What in the world do I mean? ...  let me explain myself. Would you agree that we all get ourselves into situations that we later wish we could get out of? Many of us even wish we had never made the choice that got us there... we have all made mistakes and realized those mistakes too late. God knows that I am guilty of this in my past and even in my present. In my opinion, this is when the grass IS greener on the other side.

       Know that every step is part of your journey; embrace it. When you find yourself swallowed up in circumstances that you wish you could have avoided and you have to go into survival mode or put on your problem solving hat to figure out what to do, put your focus NOT on where you are, but rather on that greener pasture that is out there waiting for you to roll around in once you figure it all out. Things always get better when you focus on how it's going to be better instead of how it got so difficult.  It amazes me at how rapidly life can change... how in just a few short months everything you know as your normal can be turned upside down leaving you both scared and excited of what is to come in the days ahead. My life is constantly moving... I am NOT afraid of change. Change has always proven good for me, it led me into new things, things that I may never have experienced if I had not taken that leap of faith. Fear and complacency will get you nowhere. That GUT feeling that is telling you to do something is usually right, but unless you GO FOR IT you will never know what it can offer your life. Do you want to die wondering "what if?"  or would you rather say... "I did that and it was the best thing I ever did for my future."

 If you are in a dying field... I encourage you to find the greener grass. Don't stay in a field that will never come back to life. When it's dead... it's dead and no matter how much nurturing you attempt to do you will simply never see life again. Go where the winds take you... follow the gentle breeze that blows in your face and run into the openness that lies ahead... run towards that greener field full of life, energy and beautiful flowers. Chase that happy ending... go get it, it is yours for the taking." I can't WAIT to hear how amazing it is.

© Going After the Happy Ending
Shelley Giard 2014

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