Monday, June 1, 2015

Become What You Cannot See

Sometimes I wonder how we come out of childhood level headed and not completely confused. Perhaps we aren't level headed or clear on reality actually; maybe THAT is the problem and also the reason why we so often end up disappointed in life.

We are somewhat brainwashed from an early age... it starts with fairy tales that declare every prince will find his princess and that all it takes to live happily ever after...  is a kiss and a fancy castle. We are lied to about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Unicorns and Pots of Gold.... What? I looked for them, didn't you?  Oh... well, now you know I was that weird kid who chased rainbows... metaphorically speaking, I suppose still chase them.

 THEN... if that were not enough to mess us up for life, confuse our morals and kill our dreams...

 We were taught things like....


 I must strongly disagree this as truth in today's world, in fact, I don't think it has ever been the majority ruling if we can be honest.

Think about it....if what you see is supposed to be what you get, then why is it that so often people deceive and pretend to be what they are not? Why do people struggle so hard to be themselves day to day? Why do others have expectations set so high that you feel you have to pretend in the first place? After all, being true to who you are is the most freeing privilege you can allow yourself.  I know this, because I am in that place. A few years ago when I "found myself" again, I realized also in that time why I had lost myself to begin with. It was in that realization that I learned more about myself than I ever had. It made me also realize how many others were doing the same things I had because I was living it.

Fake body parts, padded undergarments, Botox injections, designer clothing, expensive purses, fancy cars... there is nothing really wrong with nice things or looking your best, but why has this become what defines us instead of simply WHO WE ARE? Wouldn't life be so much simpler if we could just say... what you see is what you get and be done?

How many times have you caught yourself thinking or perhaps even saying... "I don't know who I am anymore" ? Yep... me too. A thousand times throughout my life I have spoken those words or thought that thought. So what can we do to change that? Well... we must



We must  simply stop being fake and start being real. We must become what we cannot see, we must force others to look beyond the surface and fall in love with who we are; what makes us tick.

Don't be ashamed of your past, don't hide your present, LIVE in it... and never, EVER fear your future. I can testify that your own personal story of all three stages will inspire someone. Be proud of who you are, how you got to where you are and by all means, claim where you intend to go. Know that every mistake, hiccup, shortfall and bad decision, made you who you are. These things are what makes you real, relatable and inspiring. Allow these things to help make your life a mission with purpose, a journey you can embrace at every turn. We are all here to make a difference, some of us ignore that calling and some of us simply do whatever we can to spread  the messages that we all need to know and practice in order to live an abundant and happy life.

Today, and every day... I encourage you to work on finding yourself if that person is lost. Define who you are, claim it, be proud of that person and begin again. It's never too late to claim what was once yours. Allow yourself the freedom of just being you and stop caring about what everyone else thinks; that's how you got lost in the first place.

I PROMISE you that it is in this stage of life that EVERYTHING that you ever wanted will begin to happen, the people who will be in your life forever will show up and make themselves known... and because you are here, you will notice them. The fairy tale life you always wanted will become your reality.

"When you stop resisting what is naturally supposed to happen, 
a happier life will begin to fall into place." 
© Shelley Giard 2010

Until next time... 





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