Monday, July 11, 2016

And Then I Met Gabby

I am often amazed how God works in my life. When once upon a time I could not "feel" his presence. When I thought that because of all of my mistakes and bad choices, that He would never help me, love me or forgive me.

It was ME, it was my lack of belief and trust that was the problem. I am really glad that I was wrong about Him, and even happier that He brought me to the experiences I needed to ask for His help in hopes of actually getting it. This is why I am thankful for the horrible moments and struggles in my life, for without them, I would never have needed Him.

I am writing this on day 6 of a 9 day family vacation, and although it may seem strange that I am "working" on vacation by writing this blog post, I was inspired to do so and with all the violence that has happened over the last few days; innocent men being shot dead by men with authority and firearms, I KNOW that this is coming at a perfect time. Now I know why God put Gabby in my life.

If you have ever read any of my blogs, you know that I think miles outside of the box, that I can pull a positive twist from the straightest of lines to help you see a side you may never have realized in a situation, encounter or circumstance.

Today is one of those days.

The other day, we stopped at Publix, a grocery store for those who may not be familiar, to get a few things before heading back to our condo for the night. My niece wanted to get a sandwich from the deli, so we headed over to stand in line. In front of us, was a mother and her 3 children. The youngest of the 3 decided to look at me and smile big, so I smiled back and quickly said "hello there, how are you today?" She innocently threw me a Cheshire grin and said "Hi, guess what? I was the first one in line for a sandwich." I chuckled and told her that they should give her a prize for that and she happily agreed with me.

We proceeded to carry on a delightful conversation as we stood waiting for our orders to be filled. This exuberant little girl had so much to say and her personality was simply amazing. She impressed me, and I complimented her mother on what an amazing child she was. Her mother chuckled and shared that she was quite a character and that I probably shouldn't blow her head up too much. I laughed and said, "well, unfortunately, you have no idea who you have run into... I tend to find the best in people and help them shine, it's what I do." She smiled.

We continued to talk and Gabby (such an appropriate name for this child) continued to impress and entertain  me during what would have been a boring wait in line with delightful conversation. I told her that she was amazing, that I felt she would become something great one day, and that the world needed to know who she was. 

It was at this time I asked how old she was and she pridefully said "3". I was absolutely FLOORED! "3??? Are you kidding me?", I said to her mom. I was so incredibly blessed by meeting this little ball of joy. I immediately asked her mother's permission to share a blog about Gabby... I asked her if she would send me a picture since Gabby felt she "looked a mess" being that she had just been at a water park. I was thrilled when her mother said yes to both. We borrowed a pen from the deli manager and on the back of a menu, her mother wrote her contact info.

It is not the simple meeting of this 3 year old amazing little girl that I was so excited to share with you today. What excited me and inspired me, was how this little girl made the simple choice to smile at me, it was the innocence in that beautiful smile that moved my soul. It was how that smile provoked me to speak to her and how those first few words led to a wonderful conversation. It is how that conversation made a negative wait in line a wonderful experience, and now has become an inspiring story to all of you.

It's a ripple effect, the butterfly effect, the wonders of paying attention to a small encounter in your life and using it for a MUCH bigger purpose. The ability to realize that God puts everyone in your life for a reason. Finding purpose is why we have been given gifts and feelings, and experiences. Things we go through SHOULD bring us to bigger purpose. To live with purpose, is to live life as it was intended.

I am not sure if my simple little blog will make Gabby famous, I am not certain that millions will read, but I KNOW with the history of my posts, that thousands will and at least one person who reads this will be inspired, at least one person will smile and maybe think of how one small gesture, act of kindness or how telling a story can ultimately change someone's day, life, and even the world.

I could easily be saddened and consumed by the way our world lives in fear, how people no longer talk to their neighbors or speak to strangers because they are glued to their phone screens, or simply afraid to speak. I could be paralyzed by how hate is fueled by mere differences in lifestyle and opinion. Instead, I hang on to wonderful little moments that shed a glimmer of hope. I am inspired by people like me who are not afraid; people like Gabby.

I read my Bible to learn about how we are to live, act towards others, and get through the struggles that come. I wish I had done this years ago, but am thankful that I have done this for the past three years. As I have learned and applied what I learn, life has become easier, more peaceful and my trust in God has grown exponentially. I KNOW as long as I lean into Him, I will have peace in my struggles. I know that EVERY person He brings into my life crosses my path for a greater purpose, and I ask to be shown that purpose.

Thank you Gabby, for smiling at me... although you are young and may not be able to fully comprehend the impact it had on me, I encourage you to please... keep smiling at strangers. You will have impact on many people through life if you stay EXACTLY who you are.  Keep being amazing, Dream SUPER BIG, and NEVER give up on those dreams little girl. YOU have the potential to become ANYTHING that you want to be and certainly have the personality to get you there! No matter what anyone tells you, no matter how many people may tell you you cant', KNOW that I think that you CAN!

Thanks to her mom Mandy for allowing your precious little girl to have a conversation with a complete stranger, and by allowing me to share your little girl with my readers. By doing so, my blog was brought back to life after a much needed break .

To my fans... my readers... my friends.  SHELLS IS BACK!

Until next time....






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