Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the Sixth Day of Christmas... I give you laughter

Well... today was FUN! It's not often enough that A.) I get to see my daughter that lives in Colorado and B.) that we actually get alone time when she is here to just be silly and have "girly" fun. Today we got to do that and well... it was AMAZING! We laughed and shopped and laughed some more and it warms my heart to have her home for the Holidays, nothing more perfect than having all four of my mini-creations together to make it feel like Christmas, we don't need toys to entertain ourselves.

So... on the sixth day of Christmas this blogger brings to you a handful of laughter, five things to wish for, more inspiration, one day of silence, two thoughts to ponder and a blog post to share with your friends. (to see all those other days keep scrolling down at the end)

As cliche as it is... laughter is such awesome medicine. It will make a bad day turn around so fast, pea soup will be flying out of your mouth from the spinning. (hope you get that reference if not Google pea soup Linda Blair) I purposely experience a little laughter each day, even if that means going on the internet and doing a Google search for "things that make you laugh" in order to get it. However, since I have what I see on my Facebook feed down to a science I can usually just log in because I can always count on certain people to have posted something funny. I actually enjoy my friend Angee's sarcastic posts so much that if for any reason she does not show up on my feed I go straight to her page when I need to laugh. I can also often count on my friend Wendy, because she also has an amazing sense of humor. (some of which I will share in a moment) It's just GOOD stuff! SO..... just in case you did not get laughter today, I decided that on this sixth day of Christmas to deliver it to you; here ya go!

Facebook status' and pictures that made me laugh this week:

1.) "Since its the Holidays and all, I have decided to cut back on being sarcastic.... So I solemnly swear to only be sarcastic on days that begin with T.... like Tuesday, Thursday, Today, and Tomorrow!!"

2.) Caption was... "I wanna be a cowboy baby!" 
(just in case you do not understand, this is an Elf on a Shelf (Google it) 
and the caption is a song by Kid Rock)

3.) "Is it REALLY necessary for the first square of toilet paper to be glued down???!!!!!"

4.) Taken from my friend's wall who just had her first amazingly adorable baby.
"Ever have someone projectile shit in your hair? I have!!!"

And now for a few laughs I found Google Searching...

And last but not least... just me and my kids

I must mention that the VERY similar facial expressions in the above photos were NOT planned!

^We have totally rubbed off on him^

^^ "Five Hour Energy Anyone?"^^

 "It's not mustache it's MUUUSTACHE!"