Monday, December 31, 2012

It's New Year's Eve and I am back to blogging!

Oh Blog, how I have missed you! I have been spending quality time with family since a few days before Christmas and have not blogged as a result. Just like you, I am human and not perfect in every way, so forgive me for neglecting you.

WOW! It has been an incredible year! Can I say that REALLY LOUD? As I sit here at my desk trying to concentrate and turn off my severe A.D.D. (because there is 70's and 80's retro disco music blasting in the background) I am reflecting. I cannot believe what has happened in a single year's time... (insert Corey who just jumped in front of me and wiggled his butt to the music!) Okay, now... what was I saying? Oh yeah, what a year it has been! HA! I cannot help but think of how it all happened, and how I want to share with you that nothing happens without forward motion. (notice I did not say reverse or pause) Yes, you actually have to DO the things that will catapult you towards that pretty field of beautiful flowers that you hope to land in. It WILL happen if you just stay focused and shoot for it! Trust me, I seriously, no joke have a REEEALLLY hard time focusing with my rat-on-a-wheel brain, so if I can do it, YOU can do it!

Now... to share my personal top 4 BEST events of this year

At the beginning of this year, I started my inspirational/motivational blog and thanks to all of you, my readers, it has been very successful! I have some great plans for it in 2013 so I hope you continue to enjoy what I post, there is MUCH more to come!

In August of 2011, I had finished the first draft of my book and was determined to have it in the retail market before this year end. THAT happened, and so far the book is very well received and I have sold over one hundred copies since it hit the market on October 20th by just posting on Facebook, thanks to all who have purchased and endorsed the book, without you... I would have no audience! I don't have thousands pouring in from royalties yet, (yes I said yet because I am a forward thinker) however the feedback from reader's has been amazing and overwhelmingly emotional; to me that makes it a success even if I never sold another copy!  I have been told it has been inspiring & life changing and well... that's enough for me!

Corey and I bought our first home together this year and it has been a pretty smooth transition... honestly WAY smoother than I thought considering everything, a few bumps that we expected but things are going really great and I am looking forward to our 1 year home purchase anniversary in April which we have decided (Corey's idea) to carve our names into the tree in our front yard.

Abrielle started school, yes REAL school at the young age of 3... WHAT an emotional day! My little munchkin who has the whole world ahead of her is conquering this new challenge full force. That extra chromosome #21 is doing her good. All I can say is I KNEW IT the moment I met her in real life. She is spunky, amazing and brings me more smiles to life than I could have EVER anticipated. She makes you realize life is full of crap that you just need to LET go and keep smiling. I know 2013 will be a HUGE year for her and the goals we are setting for her. Follow it all through the blog and her you tube channel. (

In the end, it is all what you put your mind on that truly happens. There were a lot of negative things that happened too, in our world, in our back yards, in our lives but if you keep your mind on those things... you will get more of it, so I won't reflect on that here. I choose to keep my mind on what I want and OFF of what I don't... that's actually a motivational quote I read once and from the moment I read it, I began living it. IT WORKS!

 As you plan out the next year, setting your goals, your resolutions,  thinking about your aspirations...
 (you must do all of this to get anywhere) know that you can do anything that you set your mind to. It never happens overnight, it may not even happen next year but don't give up and it WILL happen.
(unless it has to do with marrying a celebrity; not to say that couldn't happen but it's less likely not to mention TOTALLY overrated.)

I love you all... genuinely in the kind of way I should because we are all in this together and when we all feel that way perhaps we will get to live in that "perfect world". Until that day, I will keep sharing, keep typing, and keep inspiring people one blog post at a time!



Here are some pictures from the past several days of family time!

Our New Year's card photo session which was like herding cats but we still ended up having fun!

My brother Keith and I Christmas Eve when we flew him in as I surprise

  Christmas Morning

A pretty close-up tree picture... I do one or two of these every year