Monday, December 17, 2012

On the Fifth Day of Christmas... I give you wishes

I am so happy today. My oldest daughter flew in from Colorado and all of my kids are home! Time to kick off this Christmas thing full speed ahead! So...

On the fifth day of Christmas this blogger brings to you, five things to wish for, more inspiration, two thoughts to ponder, one day of silence, and a blog post to share with your friends.

Many many things get my engines going and because of that I know that I have been given the gift of passion. I used to use it inefficiently, however as the years have passed and I have grown up I use it in a much more positive way, for the greater good... I am thankful that lesson was learned. Tonight, I will get back to my postings of wisdom and inspiration with my top 5 things to wish for. Obviously, I cannot tell you what to wish for but I tried really hard to think of five things that we all would want regardless of race, religion, or social status and this is what I came up with. I gave one tip each on how to get them.

5. Less stress
 ** Turn off the TV and do something else you love instead

4. More abundance
** Diversify your income by turning a hobby or a passion into a secondary money maker

3. Closer families
** Call a family member at least once a week. No texting or emailing, actually have a conversation. Perhaps  get in touch with one who lives far away or one that you have not spoken to in a while for whatever reason. Call a different one each week until you have called them all and then start the cycle over again.

2. To be Hopeful
** Soul search to come up with the reason you lost hope, then tell yourself that you can DO this... because if you believe you can, YOU WILL!

1. Find Peace
** Whatever it is you are uneasy about, whatever it is that causes stress and angst, do whatever it takes to find peace. Realize that it's all part of your journey to go through whatever it is you are faced with and understand to accept the things you cannot change and move on in forward motion. Stop letting worry cloud your mind; worry is toxic... peace on the other hand is bliss.

Have a great night everyone! It's been a tough calendar week... very emotional and exhausting in many ways. I am sure that it will not end here, in fact... I know it won't so get a good night's sleep and start fresh tomorrow... I will be Christmas shopping!


A few pictures of me with my kiddos today
Abrielle was sleepy from school and pooped out before we took the pictures :( 

Me, Baleigh, Zane and Cierra being ourselves
Me, Zane and Cierra <3 p="p">
 Me and my mini-me