Saturday, December 22, 2012

On the Ninth Day of Christmas...I Give You Remembrance

Gosh... what a busy time of year. Hustle and bustle and SO much to do, and that's even when you are NOT in charge of making people beautiful for Christmas... add that to the plate and you have yourself a doozie of a schedule! Last night, I posted about having a little surprise for my readers on my Facebook fan page and TOTALLY dropped the ball because I fell asleep watching a movie with my family. I am REALLY sorry if I got your hopes up only to let you down. (insert REALLY sad puppy face) My little "surprise" was actually something that I thought of yesterday morning as I was drying my hair... and now that it's kind of late I hope it has not lost it's luster or it's meaning... but a promise is a promise so here it goes...

On the ninth day of Christmas, this blogger gives to you poetry with a meaningful message...

Twas the Friday before Christmas and all over Facebook, opinions were flying and I couldn't help but look. There are stockings all over, hung for each girl and boy, but some parents are not filled with that warm Christmas joy. Sacred and innocent moments were lost; just the Friday before and I ask at what cost? I know that we all have emotions and rights, but for me it seems wrong for these now sleepless nights. As a mother I ache and I pray for their pain, as they stare at those stockings and gifts through their rain. I am proud for my country and the choices we allow, but I can't help but think that their is a cost to it now. I know you have reasons for wanting your rights, but I hope you can think of these poor sleepless nights. Perhaps it's a simple solution they say... but I know it's not easy so for this I will pray. We all seem divided through our justice and rights, and because of all that we'll have more sleepless nights. It's not much to ask for a little more care, to help protect lives of the people out there. The safety and protection we all feel we need would likely be given if we take away greed. I ask as you snuggle your children so tight... remember those lives and those poor sleepless nights.