Monday, August 26, 2013

Push Yourself... Be Limitless... Take Chances and SOAR!

A life without limits... could be considered nice in some ways, dangerous in others, however many times we hold ourselves back from being anywhere close to being limitless in our lives. Life HAS limits, sure... but not as many, nor the kind that most people think. When you are your own worst enemy, life is tough... I mean EVERYTHING is tough because YOU make it that way. You focus on what you CAN'T do, what you CAN'T afford, what you CAN'T other words your LIMITS. Focusing on limits (unless we are talking speed limits) is NOT how to succeed in ANYTHING.

Let's pretend for a moment, that you had no limits... you had no challenges, you had nothing to hold you back. Do you think that you would be motivated? I doubt it. If you truly think about limits... they are made to dodge, to escape from and to CRUSH through with all of your might. Who wants limits? Nobody, but we need them to excite us, to fuel us and to motivate us into action.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I had a lot of  limitations... single mom of 4, no college degree (which "they" say you need), no money in the bank that did not have someone else's name on it, no family around to help me and not enough time in the day to do everything I wanted or needed to do. I could have chosen to focus on all of that... it would have been EASY, but instead I focused on my dreams, my goals, the things I said that I would do, and said "to hell with the limits; I am going to go after what I want and FOUND a way to make things happen." THAT is the attitude it takes to make it, THAT is what will get you where you hope and aspire to be. I have put this into action over the past 3 years, I have been relentless in my attempts and let me be the first to share that between that attitude and finding my place in faith again, my life has done a 180. It almost seems too easy now. I ask, I receive, I put ideas out there and connect with people who matter and VOILA! Things happen that bring me closer and closer to everything I have EVER wanted. That does not mean I don't experience obstacles... if you follow me you know better but I just don't let that stop me. I preach this all of the time, and as long as you follow my blog, I will likely continue... that's my passion. To keep YOU from quitting yourself!

Over the past year my freelance business has multiplied by I don't even KNOW how many percent, but it's a lot. (I stink at math... thank God for calculators and Microsoft Excel, I will get back to you on stats after consulting my accountant, HA!) It's not because I sat around waiting for stuff to fall in my lap and it's certainly not because I sat around moping about how many things were keeping me from achieving my goals. I have been so blessed this year with new connections, new referrals, and it was because I networked and delivered top notch service every time. If I messed up, I fixed it, if there was a problem, I addressed it, if there was something a client needed, I made it happen, I took chances, put money on the line, and stayed awake more hours than I slept; I put out 150% and in return it has been a great and rewarding year. In this competitive business you HAVE to stand out, you cannot blend in, unless you want to have a second job supporting your desired career. If you stay "safe" you will never fulfill your hearts desires. Get out of that box and SOAR!

Today has been an AMAZING Monday. I heard from several of my photographer clients today, some called to book me for work, one called me to tell me that two more of the images we created together are now award winning and that another received international merit... then one called as he was editing an image that we created together just to say and I quote "I just wanted to call as I am editing a shot we did together and say that YOU ROCK". I was also contacted for another ghost writing project over the weekend... obviously I cannot say who, but I will share that if I am officially hired, I will have the incredible honor of helping a celebrity bring their story to life. Yep... I said celebrity. All because I opened my big mouth and took a chance, I talked about what I do, and an opportunity presented...can't get any better than that. I am filled up to the rim with excitement and blessings today, and I really needed it. Last week kicked my buttocks, and it's just what I asked for.

Life is good, when you ALLOW it to be good, but if all you allow into your mind are the limits and the bad stuff that will hold you back... well, you bring about what you think about. As I cram a gagillion things from my "to do" list in this week before my business trip to Vegas next week, I will say that a life without limits IS possible because you set the bar, so set it high and go after whatever it is you want. Wouldn't it be better to die trying than to never have tried at all?

Don't focus on your limits... focus on being limitless, fearless, and take a chance on YOU! 

My newest award winning  conceptual work
Created with 2012 Florida Professional Photographer of the Year
Randy Van Duinen
(you will be able to view full sized images on my website later this week)

1st Place in Digital Illustration
Florida Professional Photographer
Model: Julie Anna Cole
Makeup Hair and Body Art by Shelley Giard

Distinguished Award Digital Illustration
Florida Professional Photography Association
model: Julie Anna Cole
Makeup Hair and Wardrobe by Shelley Giard

International Merit Award
Professional Photography Association
model: Ursula Mae
Makeup, Hair by Shelley Giard
Wardrobe by Shelley Giard and Michelle Owens Cobble of Wicked Threads


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