Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Early Bird Gets Delayed

Here I sit in the Sacramento International Airport eyes wanting to shut, brain still semi-working and TONS of time before I board my plane. I had already arrived 3 hours early because I had nowhere to really go and when I was told there was a flight delay and I will now leave at 1:00 a.m. California time I thought, "A great chance to write a weekend blog."  I will warn you now that I am am BEYOND exhausted and will not be held responsible for any jibberish that I may write.

I left Lake Tahoe today after an amazing week of doing makeup for Teeny B Bikini Couture; one of my favorite commercial clients (despite the 5 a.m. call times we must have to catch that amazing morning sun.) After 7 days in San Jose last week and 5 days in Lake Tahoe... I will have been away for 13 days by the time I get home tomorrow morning; GOSH! I am SO ready to be home! 6 a.m.wake up times on a 3 hour time difference, staying up till wee hours for 7 days writing, followed by 5 days of 5 a.m. call times for makeup and evening prep for the next day, has left me sort of brain dead.. yep I am done, even a bit grumpy-tired if I may admit.

However, as I sit here and reflect on my trip, I am smiling, (despite my need for toothpicks) because I am living my dream... LIKE REALLY! NO JOKE! I said that I would do this one day. I envisioned myself being flown all over the country to do makeup and hair, writing inspirational books and speaking to others about my story. Talking to people about how to achieve their dreams and how to BELIEVE. I had my doubts... we all do, but I never allowed my doubts to overshadow what I wanted to go after and well... smack me now, but IT WORKED! I know that my next stage of this success journey are paychecks that will make me pass out... so please pray that I don't have a heart attack before I am able to GIVE some of that money to people who need it more than me. Will I do that? Sure I will; after I set my mom and dad up with a worry free bank account for all they have done for me. I have always been a giver... even when I did not have anything monetary to give... ask anyone who knows me, they will verify this statement. Giving of myself, my time, and my "things" has done more for me than I ever imagined. I have been blessed in return time and time again. I get paid... I make a nice living, but money has certainly never been my biggest blessing. The biggest blessings are knowing that you did something right, doing something that you set out to do, doing something that helped someone else... and having something that you can be proud of even when you are still struggling. THOSE are things that money cannot buy and THOSE are the things I don't ever want to lose.

Okay... time for me to go, I am in need of a cot.. or a bench or a chair to sleep in until I can board my plane. My eyes are shut now and I still have an hour to wait. (thank goodness I know where the keys are.) I will resume my regular blog schedule next week and perhaps share some pictures from my trip!

"If someone says that your dreams are impossible who cares... 
unless that person is YOU !!