Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Week.... Another Blog

Hi there Everyone!

Gosh... I thought I would NEVER get over that 13 days of traveling! I seriously don't know how people do that kind of thing all of the time; I suppose it is what you get used to, but I must admit that I much prefer the 5 day trips. So.... I left off half asleep in the Sacramento airport with a long flight delay and I must share with you that I never found that bench to fall asleep on before my flight took off.  However, I did find a lonely book that someone had left by the phone charging station, and since it had not been claimed during the duration of me sitting there and blogging, I decided to rescue it and take it on my journey.

( If you did not read part 1 click here)

Funny story... so I board the plane barely able to keep my eyes open as I quickly glance at my seat assignment and see 26C... "Cool" I thought,  "Isle seat." As I mosey down the airplane isle I find my seat, sit down, put my bag under the seat in front of me and buckle up like a good little passenger. Moments later, this VERY rude lady makes her way beside me and says in a most unpleasant voice, "Excuse me, YOU are in MY seat" to which I kindly say, "I am sorry, my ticket says 26C." to which she replies... "And YOU are in 25C... MY seat." I quickly unbuckle, collect my bag and stand as I apologize for my error explaining that I had been up since 5am and that my tired eyes were to blame. She says, "Yeah... well I have you beat, I have been up since 4 am now hurry up."

It was in THIS moment, yep... THIS VERY MOMENT that I truly realized how much I have REALLY changed, yep... my exhausted self stayed quiet and just moved out of her beloved way. What I really wanted to say was "Oh, yes, how silly of me to not realize that THIS was a competition between you and I would you like to go another round in the isle?"  The wiser me however, realized that we would have held up the flight and I just wanted to get home, so I proceeded to nestle into my ACTUAL assigned seat and was pleasantly surprised to find that nobody else was assigned to my row... HA! I got to lay down and sleep the ENTIRE flight to Houston. Karma... pays off, SCORE! I smiled really big at her and said thank you for correcting me as I passed her on my way off the plane; apparently she had to stay on for the next leg of her trip. (I almost stuck my tongue out... NO JOKE!)

Continuing with my story...  we landed in  Houston at 7:00 am and my connecting flight to Tampa was scheduled to leave at 7:05... yep no chance of getting on THAT flight so they put me on the 10:35 flight. Yay... NOT. But hey, what are you going to do? I decided to read that abandoned book which someone had left  for me at the Sacramento airport ... a pretty good one I must say. I will share why this book has significance when I finish reading it... I have only half-way figured it out at this point, but you know my philosophy by now.... NOTHING IS ON ACCIDENT! Up in the air I was the pickle in the middle and hoped I did not lay my head on any one's shoulder or even worse, drool on them because this girl was OUT! Before I knew it our eagle had landed... almost an hour late. The pilot thanked us and said he knew we had a choice of what carrier to use and at that groggy moment I was coherent enough to mumble... yeah, I apparently made the WRONG one, and the lady next to me chuckled. I got off the plane found my way to baggage claim and was happily greeted by my clan. FINALLY got home!

Long travels but a great trip in all, I was thankful and blessed to be a part of everything. It makes for better writing and funny blogs so hey.... I will do what I have to do to deliver the juicy stuff! It definitely took me the past few days to recover but I was back up at 5:30 am for another photo shoot this morning. Just call me the MACHINE! Now only two more weeks before my next 5-day trip. God help me! Not to mention that school starts next week for my kiddos! YAHOO!!!!

Here are some pictures I took on my little nature walk in North Lake Tahoe! 

Yeah.... I will take this as my home one day!

Mountains make me happy
I am obsessed with rocks and textures

They don't have trees like this in Florida!

So much beauty in everyday things

I think I could get used to this view

Headed over to South Shore

Me and my shadow went for a walk

More rocks

On my drive to South Shore

The Beautiful End


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