Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Staying Calm

When I wrote the title to this blog I chuckled... out loud actually, because if I had been told that I would EVER be writing a blog about how to stay calm in any matter I would have said... "Yeah, wrong girl."  I admit... I am high strung or perhaps assertive, or positively aggressive... oh crud... I am really all three of those things most of the time but mostly in a positive fashion. I am passionate and honest, and don't consider any of those things a fault. Back to my point; CALM is NOT a word I would ever use to describe myself unless I am talking about the feeling I have when I am tucked away without interruption in the mountains or floating on a lazy river somewhere or the feeling I want to possess more often. In fact, my friend Shellie would totally back me up here after seeing my "power self" on the first morning of my recent 7-day visit with her. As she put it... "I typically wake up to a very quiet house with nobody home, then today, I woke up and heard you on a business call and was so alarmed... it threw me for a loop and got me all anxious and excited."  When she told me that I laughed so hard I nearly spit out my coffee. I am so used to "me" and the way that I am, that I don't even realize my presence sometimes. I have had people say that after hearing me speak they are ready to run a marathon... which I always took as a compliment; that WAS a compliment right?

WHAT HAPPENED TODAY? Well, I surprised myself, I was CALM and cool and even collected when I should have been frazzled, anxiety stricken and freaking out. My youngest daughter Abrielle who has Down syndrome although blessed to not have most of the typical health issues of a child with DS, does tend to get respiratory issues when allergens are in the air, or when she catches a common cold. Their anatomy is different and her neck is shorter, so it's just one of those things. With  that being said, I take her to the doctor (a place I avoid unless we can't cure things with  home remedies) at the FIRST sign of a cough because it could quickly take a turn for the worst and put us in the E.R.(Been there, done that, got the hospital gown.)

Before I left on my recent business trip, "Brie" had caught a little cold, so I took her to the doctor as a safety measure before I left where they gave her a heavy duty breathing treatment, an antibiotic for a minor ear infection and instructions to have someone bring her in for a follow up. (Which my mom followed.) While I was gone, she broke out in hives due to an allergic reaction to the antibiotic and had to be switched off of it but her cold/cough got better. The day after I returned home however, her cough started up again and we had an appointment to see her doctor tomorrow. Well... today just as we were heading to my moms after hearing news that her brother had fallen 16ft in an old building when a rotting floor gave way, Abrielle started into a coughing fit which rapidly induced projectile vomiting AS I AM DRIVING down the highway! I won't go into further detail for obvious reasons, but if you know what a car seat is like, it is TILTED in the PERFECT position to allow her to aspirate as this is happening. LOVELY! Instead of freaking out, I STAYED CALM and kindly asked my rebellious 11 year old Baleigh to get in the back seat and hold Brie's head forward to which she says "EWWWW I don't want her throwing up on me."   "PAUSE.... BREATHE, STAY CALM" I said to myself before I blew a gasket and yelled at her to GET IN THE BACK SEAT! I CALMLY explained how Brie could choke and her lungs could fill up in the position she was in causing BIG problems and told her that I needed her help. She got all worked up and upset that I freaked her out by saying Brie could die, to which again... (breathe in) I stayed calm and said, "Well honey... lesson learned , just do as I ask with no questions next time and I won't have to paint the awful details for you; when I ask something of you there is always a reason." (breathe out.)

She reluctantly climbed into the back seat and held Brie's head forward every time she coughed, and I assured her a shower would fix everything that was happening to her. We got to the doctor covered in yuck and managed to strip Brie down and get her all cleaned up before her next "delivery". Talk about taking it all in stride, my precious little monkey smiled after every heaving episode including the two on the way home. I must say that I was as calm as I have ever been in a situation like that... and YES, I have been there before. What I found was that I was able to think clearer and handle things better this way and it helped me realize that I am STILL changing, STILL growing and STILL evolving and I think that is pretty cool. All those weird books I read really do work.

To sum it all up... the uncle whom I mentioned earlier that fell 16 ft. through a rotten floor is doing okay tonight. Although it was a bad fall, they have his condition stabilized. Prayers are most certainly welcomed for his safe and rapid recovery. Abrielle aka "Brie" is doing MUCH better after a breathing treatment, a pump from her inhaler and a nice warm bath, Baleigh is all showered and I am... well... I am writing this blog about staying calm. It's amazing what we can get through in life if we just learn how to handle it. I promise you, I have dealt with much worse and handled things WAY worse, but continuing to grow and learn about what makes ME tick is how I improve. I will likely always be a bit high strung, assertive, aggressive, business-like, honest and passionate... ( AND no, I don't like fuzzy slippers or the color pink.) I will always make you want to run a marathon or start a business, but since I like to inspire and motivate people it works... besides, I love all of those things about me. Funny thing is I also am gentle enough to kiss boo boo's read bedtime stories in a silly voice, giggle as often as I can and never take anything too seriously anymore. These days if you get in my way I will simply smile instead of wanting to trip you ... now THAT is PERSONAL GROWTH!

Have a great night! Thanks for reading! Thanks for sharing! I will see you Friday! 


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