Sunday, December 1, 2013

Change Is Necessary To Fulfill Dreams; Sharing a "PINCH ME" Moment

Many years ago as I was climbing the ladder of my initial dream of becoming an influential hairstylist, I would thumb through hair industry magazines such as Modern Salon and American Salon looking for inspiration for creating looks through haircuts, color and makeup that would get me noticed. Through this I became familiar with the NAHA competition and in the year 2000 I decided to enter the makeover competition and asked an aspiring photographer friend of mine to shoot the entry photos for me. It was truly the beginning of a future that not even I saw unfolding right before me. At the time, I was laser beam focused on becoming a top hairstylist/platform artist and had become an educator for two hair care companies trying to do just that. I was very pleased at what I had created for the competition as far as the makeovers themselves, but what I did not quite grasp, was how important the photography was until it was over and the winners were announced and published. I realized then that it was not simply a competition on how creative you could get with color or haircuts, or even makeup... but more of a collaboration from a team of artists coming together to create something amazing, beautiful and a bit funky.

The more I looked at magazines and studied the winners of this competition as well as the photos that were in the print ads on every page, the more I realized I was in love with the photographs and how beautiful of an art form they were. Although I climbed that ladder all the way to being a platform assistant for ARTec Wordlwide and the lead American educator for Grazette of Sweden, I quickly realized that perhaps I was chasing the wrong dream. My passion had begun to change as I started studying the work of the photographers instead of the hairstylists. I began thumbing through magazines looking at the lighting, the makeup, the clothing, the hair and how it all came together and became more inspired than I had ever been. There was one photographer whose images jumped out at me like no others had... his images were so unique, and out there, and beautiful. I folded the corners of the pages I saw his work on and even tore some of them out. The day I realized his images were smeared all over the NAHA competition I remember saying to myself "I will work with him someday."  That may not seem too far fetched until I give you the detail that this photographer, Frank Doorhof  lived in the Netherlands; far from where I was in Tampa Florida; not to mention that I didn't even have a passport. Shortly after that I started networking with photographers and began creating a portfolio of everything that I loved; hair, makeup and wardrobe.

Fast forward to 7 years later when my portfolio got noticed by a guy named Scott Kelby whose business assistant called and booked me for a photo shoot the very next day. (This is a crazy story in itself which I shared in a previous blog; I will post that link) So... I began working with Scott and his company Kelby Media as well as his many photographer friends who happened to be the best in their field and who also happen to spend their days training their fans all over the world how to create beautiful images. It was truly that "lucky break" that people talk about but even I did not know the magnitude of what this gig would mean to my life when it happened. After working with Scott for a few years, and even filming my own makeup course on Kelby training, I was with Scott one day and he told me about a new "super cool photographer" that was going to come and shoot a course for them. The next words out of his mouth as he showed me some of "this guys" photos were "His name is Frank Doorhof." I almost fell over... no joke. I tried to not be the fan girl that I truly was and simply shared with Scott that I was VERY familiar with Frank's work. I seriously remember crying on my way home that day. A dream was coming true... I was going to work with this amazing photographer that I had been following for years long before photo-shoots became part of my every day.

This is Frank taking a photo of the video team and I in an elevator on location for Kelby Training

Now that you know the back story, I can share the current story. Since that day, I have worked with Frank many times on several shoots and through creating amazing images together we have become great friends. Working with him has been a thrill ride every time and I think that by being familiar with his funky out-of-the-box style long before I met him, the connection was already there. Just when I thought we had reached a beautiful plateau, Frank asked me if he could interview me for his online show "The DOORhof is Always Open" over lunch at Photoshop World in Las Vegas this year. Although it was unexpected and totally improv, I was so honored to say yes and admit that it was a total "pinch me" moment. That interview took place in September but because of a book deadline he had not posted it on his site yet (I was impatiently waiting patiently.) In the meantime, I found out that many images that Frank and I have created together now grace the pages of that book he was writing "Mastering The Model Shoot" which became a best seller and #1 on Amazon in that category within days of hitting the marketplace. It's really surreal... and quite honestly makes me want to cry again.

Some of the images we have created together over the past few years

So..... when Frank tagged me on Facebook today, announcing that our episode of his show was finally up on his site my initial reaction was to immediately share it on all of my social media pages but then I thought... 
WAIT WOMAN!!!! This is a VERY special moment that deserves it's own blog telling the whole story; it is meant to inspire people... it is meant for more than what it seems on the surface, (just a cool moment for me) 
So I waited to write about it and post it today in the Monday blog to start off YOUR week.

Guys and Gals... I truly want you to be inspired, I want this story to help you realize that EVERY single moment is on purpose and nothing you do can change that. You should wake up every day knowing that your life is predetermined, your purpose is already defined, you just have to accept that and live life one play at a time in order to experience it. Realizing this takes the stress away, I promise. Stop hating moments that you think are stupid and meaningless, the ones that may seem to have no point always do! Stop thinking that your dreams and wishes will never come true because by doing that you are missing the moments that will bring you to them. I talk about this all of the time... it has become sort of my mantra... so if you read my blogs, get used to hearing it! (I even share it in my interview with Frank.)

BE REAL, BE TRUE and BE ON PURPOSE every single day and you too will have amazing 
moments that will make you want to cry in a good way.

Love, Hugs and Inspiration

I hope you watch the video below... 

The first interview is with 
Tamara Lackey, a child and editorial photographer who I have the privilege of working with for the next three days.  
(My interview with Frank starts at 16:32)

here is the link to the blog post I spoke of about Scott finding me 
(ultimately leading me to Frank)



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