Monday, December 16, 2013

Embracing the Winds of Change

"There comes a time in many situations when you have to ask yourself... Is this really for me? Have I had or endured enough? Am I ready for something more, something different? Or perhaps you just need to take a moment to be silent and alone in order to think straight in order to be happy with what is going on. These are the moments when change happens, it is moments like this when we reflect on the things that are going on in our lives that our future truly unfolds. The most important thing in these moments is to be REAL with ourselves... to be honest and get in check; no excuses, no judgments, just absolute positive change for the better."
©Shelley Giard

So this is how it starts... a random thought that crosses my mind when I am quiet enough to listen for a moment in this crazy, busy life that I lead and so I write it down; a blog post is born. It is no secret to me why this thought is running through my head, it is actually not random at all. In fact as this year quickly reaches it's demise, I am both anxious and nervous in what the new year has to bring. The winds of dramatic change are in my very near future and although I am terribly excited, it is honestly a bit unnerving; (Just ask my trapezius muscles who are screaming as the tension builds.) I should be used to change... for it has been the only constant in my life for many years; but oh how I wish to just sit still for some time and just be... my time will come.

I have learned to embrace the moments when I sense a shift because it is when the most miraculous things have happened in my life, it is when growth has become the inevitable and that thought is always in the forefront of my mind. I am not scared, nor fearful or rebellious, but accepting, mindful and know that with change often comes a promise of bigger, better things. THAT makes it worth the growing pains and learning curves that are also part of the process.

Are you experiencing change? Do you feel a shift in your life or are you stuck right where you are due to fear or uncertainty? I know, it is easy to hang out in comfort... it's warm and cozy and familiar, but when you KNOW that things are evolving DON'T stifle it... latch on and run in the direction of freedom and leave behind whatever it is that holds you back. I promise the only regret you will ever have is not taking that leap of faith... I remind myself of this all of the time when I question that little voice inside my head that says "Just GO, and don't ever look back."

This blog isn't that "Christmassy", or maybe to you it is. Maybe all you want for Christmas is for things to change... for circumstances to be different and well in that case, here is your chance to open up this great big gift of CHANGE, it's got your name on it and a big giant bow that you can stick to your head afterwards. (that's what I do) Inside is just the hope you need to carry on and accept what is ahead of you. I know for me the moments that I held my breath also led to the very moments that took it away.





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