Wednesday, December 25, 2013

On This Special Christmas Day

This has been a stressful one for me... I am not going to lie. December seemed so short and so busy that time got away which left me speed shopping for gifts and groceries two days before the big day. I was not able to make my "from scratch" Christmas cookies for all of my clients as I have for several years now, and I found that my obsessive compulsiveness was getting the best of me. Our tree was finally finished tonight as I was prepping the food for tomorrows family feast, and if it were not for my two special elves, my wrapping would have never been done. This year, more hustle and bustle consumed me than my brain and body could handle and if you know me, I typically handle a lot. As I watched photos of family and friends being posted as the holidays approached I could not help but feel I was missing out.

Although as I sit here my intent was to write a Christmas Eve blog, as time would have it, it is now officially Christmas morning. The gifts are ready to be placed under the tree, my homemade spaghetti sauce for my "Italian" Christmas is brewing, and it finally smells like Christmas as a Christmas bundt cake for tomorrow's dessert just came out of the oven all warm and yummy. I am finally feeling like normalcy has set in... I am trying to calm my mind in order to enjoy what tomorrow brings; I have allowed the craziness to overcome me up until now. I was busy... it's my life and I am quickly realizing that I let it get too far this month.


T'was Christmas morning and all through my head,
feelings of craziness danced around so I said;
Not a single moment more, this is not how it"ll be,
Just enjoy spending time with your family.
Stop worrying about the things that don't matter... you have what you need,
God has made sure for you've done some good deeds.
He is the reason we celebrate this day, yes.. a father gave a son and our sins washed away.
As we are busy shopping and stressing over what it's not,
God watches and hopes we'll remember what we're taught.
Many of you may feel you don't deserve this kind of care,
But rest assured my dear friend, God is always there.
We can't do life alone...  we need that great man
I learned this through struggles, and now I'm a fan.
I didn't feel worthy, for I made many mistakes,
But He loved me the most as my heart filled with aches.
And now as I sit here in awe of His love
I am honored to celebrate our great God above.





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