Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Way to Look at the New Year


I wanted to write something different today... not the normal New Year's blog that typically talks about the resolutions and goals you have for the new year. I wanted to pose a different look on a tradition that occurs every year and gets everyone buzzing about how much better this year it is going to be. So... for a change I am going to have you look at things from the not so green side of the fence, I am going to get you thinking about what you have done or not done up until now that keeps you from sticking with those resolutions or achieving your goals.

Although I am happy to see people setting goals and proclaiming resolutions, I am always sad as I watch them year after year fail to meet or stick with their initial hopes and dreams. I do not enjoy watching people get sidetracked by the things that surround them and allowing those things to suffocate every wish and hope they had only to stand in wonder in the end saying "why?". I am an observer... perhaps not the quiet kind, but an observer nonetheless and I watch people lose sight of their dreams and goals every day. I started blogging to fuel the passion I have for reaching your goals, I wrote a book to give others hope that they can do anything they want if they stick with it no matter what gets in your way, and as this new year awaits I will be sharing all of these things in a much bigger way through seminars and speaking engagements. I continue to learn and be trained in things that will help me help others and I have never been so excited and fueled in my entire life than I am right now.

Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you where you want to be in life with your career, your finances, your spirituality, physical and internal health and emotional state of mind? If so... that's awesome, you are doing things right. If you could not answer yes to all of those questions, are you ready to be focused? Are you READY to make things happen instead of allowing things to "happen" to you?

Okay.. cool. So, what I want you to do is to sit down and BE REAL with yourself. 
Make two columns on a sheet of paper. 

In the first column, I want you to write down things that you KNOW keep you from creating the life that you want... yep, make that list of "ugly realities" that will stare you right in the face and make you feel shameful. It's reality, and well, reality has to hurt sometimes in order to wake us up. We are so quick to blame our lack of happiness on circumstances or on things but with a LOT of negative "things" and crappy "circumstances" in my own life, I am qualified to say that it's not the circumstances that stop you. It's YOU that stops you. Fear, lack of faith in yourself, worry about what others may think, THAT is what stops you. It's watching television when you should be planning or learning, it's wasting money on things that will satisfy you right now instead of making that money play a role in where you want to be down the road. The steps to success are not complicated, theoretically they are simple... but simple is not always easy is it? Nope. And neither is the discipline it takes, but I promise the reward and feelings of accomplishment are well worth it. Choices are what keep us from it and also what will lead us to it; and those choices are yours!

After you write down the things that you do that keep you from achieving your goals... I want you to write in the other column the things that you want to attain or accomplish. Maybe it's a happier marriage, a more fulfilling job, financial stability, better health, a baby, a business, a home, a new car; list everything that you want. After you are done with both lists, look at them and draw a line from the things you do that hold you back to the want the they are keeping you from having. 

If your WANTS are stronger than the needs for the things that hold you back, then you are on well your way to having everything you want in life. If you cannot give up that Starbucks coffee in order to save for a car, then you have some work to do. Either way, when you have on paper in front of you WHAT is keeping you from being happier it clarifies that big picture. It is much easier to see the changes you must make when you know what is truly holding you back; sometimes those realities are really hard to swallow. 

Love what you have... always be thankful for every little thing; but if you want more, it is there for the taking. Lay all the fear, worry and doubt aside and be real and believe in yourself. If you are a faithful person, lay all the fear, worry, and doubt at the feet of God and trust in what He can do in your life if you just lean on Him. It's simple...

Make 2014 the year that WILL be better because YOU COMMITTED to make it that way!


~Shelley Giard~




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