Monday, January 6, 2014

Oh.... What to Write... What to write?

Yep, It's another one of those nights where I know I have to do this but have NO idea what to write about. I have a mountainous pile of things on my mind. With it being a new year with new goals and because I am headed in a somewhat new direction, I find myself looking forward to finally adding a few people to my "enterprise" that will be growing with me. I have come to a point in my life where I must simplify in order to multiply. However I often wish God had limited the talents and passions he gave me to make this an easier task. I guess that's why he gave me an obsessive compulsive personality and ADHD... they have been as useful as they are annoying.

As I sit here typing still kind of blabbering... I hope I will keep your interest for longer than I feel I may with my randomness. People seem to really like my writing, and love to hear me speak; being told I had a "presence" more than once was not to be taken subtly. My blog and my book have been incredibly successful in their mission so far although I feel I have barely gotten started in the marketing process; I am truly in the baby steps in my mind and that's both exciting and scary. Yes... I get scared, I don't worry, but sometimes my fears cause me to procrastinate and over think. I have this need to have things "perfect" and well, I need to remember that there is perfection in the process of  tweaking imperfect things and that imperfect things still succeed; it is a process. My fear has always been that if things are not "perfectly ready" that they are simply not ready to be executed or delivered or created or whatever... it really depends on which of my businesses I am talking about. I have also allowed this need for perfection to keep me from getting outside help, thinking nobody would treat it like I will, that someone else won't give it 100% like me, so I have run myself ragged doing everything myself. If I continue this thinking, I will hold myself back from my dream of becoming a well known inspirational/motivational speaker... so I am setting that fear aside in 2014... it's time to move ONWARD and UPWARD.

I have experience in both my professional and personal life that CAN and WILL help people grow professionally and personally. My memoir has already helped so many people simply because so many walks of life can relate to my stories of struggle; for I have had several kinds and after 20 years of knowledge and experience of running multiple businesses, being the owner/ operator, the financial officer, the marketing director... what am I afraid of? For so long I have waited for someone else to take notice so that I would not have so much work to do... I wanted someone else to believe in me as much as I believe in me... it is something I have wanted all my life in the professional world and well, it feels impossible to attain. I did not want to have to learn things that I was uncomfortable learning in order to gain the knowledge I needed to run my own speaking engagements but a few weeks ago, something finally clicked... I CAN do this, I can't wait, because as my history plays... I know I can make this happen. I just need a few people who are willing to grow with me, to be patient and willing to put their passion into the awesome I know it can be and if they do I will be the most generous employer they have ever known. It truly is a big leap for me, but I WANT it,and I tend to get what I want if I am relentless in pursuing it. I know no obstacles...just the journey.

Is fear holding you back from something? Are you afraid to take that leap of faith? Are you too easily kept in the zone of comfort not knowing what people will say or think about you if you actually pursue your dreams? Are you financially where you want to be? Are you waking up every day dreading what you have to do or looking forward to it? Are you willing to do WHATEVER it takes to make your dreams come true?

I found myself in class this weekend... learning something that will help me help others as I pursue a speaking career. I dislike school, I dislike classrooms... unless I am teaching, but it was something that had to be done to complete my puzzle and I know I won't regret it once I pass the exam.

From youth, to adults, to people in the beauty professions... I am ready to inspire, motivate and educate in a BIGGER way. That's my #1 goal for 2014. Are you in?

One of my new branding images 
that I created on whim one day... it was just floating around in my crazy head.






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