Monday, January 13, 2014

Reaching Your Ultimate Goal

The hardest thing about tonight's blog is where to begin. As many of you know, I am always setting goals for myself; some may seem a bit odd or unusual to the people around me because they do not understand how, why or what my reasoning is. Although I do tell a lot, I typically do not tell the whole story until my plan is mapped out in enough detail for you to connect the dots. I mean... it's all in MY head how it all goes together but to the average person it seems that I am all over the place.

Recently, I have been posting some teasers on Facebook and even vaguely sprinkling things through my blogs for marketing purposes as well as to share bits of my journey and thought processes with you. It's called creating "buzz". I guess it has worked, because I have been getting emails and messages asking why and what I am doing things for... people are confused as to my direction. So.... although I cannot tell all at this point, I will let you a little more than I have so that you can understand a little better.

(Knuckle crack)

Okay.... taking you back to my teen years, I had been bullied and teased relentlessly for years and despite how sad it made me, I allowed it to fuel me. The very acts that were meant to stop me gave me the drive to succeed. (perhaps to the um-teenth degree) The desire to MAKE IT HAPPEN was birthed and has never gone away and has actually seemingly become stronger. When I became a hairdresser 23 years ago, I did it so that I could make people feel good about themselves, so that I could "help them". When I dove head first into owning my own salon I connected the dot to becoming a business person and entrepreneur. A few years later, when I became an educator... I connected yet another dot. Becoming a busy makeup artist was yet another, and becoming an author and speaker is quickly becoming the most relevant dot in my picture. Every step became more and more about helping others making them feel good... worthy and relevant. Each time I added something to my resume, I pushed my career a step further.

As life went on, more and more knowledge was acquired through my experiences and by me seeking it out. I read only non-fiction, self-reflective books, memoirs and psychology magazine articles while others watched TV. Google became my best friend as I dove into psychology, health and wellness, personal and business finance, and information about building a secure financial future. I soaked up so much information I could hardly sleep most nights, but I LOVED it!

At the time, I was not sure what was happening inside of me or why for that matter, I just knew I was having the time of my life learning everything I could; stretching and challenging the capacity of my mind. You see, when I was in school, a lot of my time was spent worrying who did and didn't like me, I was lost for many years in a fog after my sister was killed, so I missed out on a lot of the glory of using my brain and realizing what it was capable of; in fact I barely passed most subjects and even wanted to quit school at times.As an adult, I have become a COMPLETE nerd and I love it. At times I feel like a walking encyclopedia but it's useful in conversations and makes for great stories.

When I turned 40 in December, I found my "List of Goals" that I made my senior year of high school. I was one of those kids who had dreams and goals at a very young age. I became happy as I skimmed it because I had reached every "lifetime" goal in some capacity that I had set for myself despite all of the adversity that was tossed in my path. There was one goal; my "ultimate" goal that I had not yet reached to it's fullest potential in my mind and that was the goal of becoming an inspirational/ motivational speaker. Sure... I have speaking experience, I was an educator in my field of hair for 7 years and have went on to speak in schools and have created a platform as an inspirational/motivational author and blogger over the past two years. However doing this has made me realize how much I absolutely love it, what a passion I have for it, and how I want to build on it.

All of the things I am doing... taking courses, passing exams, getting special licenses and everything that may seem disconnected is ABSOLUTELY connected. Worry not, I am not changing my profession, I am not quitting anything... I am just taking all that I am doing to another level; an exponential one.I have set new goals, ones that I never envisioned. I am DOING what I have to do to be all that I can be in what I love and if that means looking a bit off my rocker to some of you, then so be it. I have a process of doing things and although it make no sense to you, it makes perfect sense to me. (if only you could see my outlines)

There is an art to creating your "Happy Ending" it does not happen with a kiss or a flick of a wand like it does in fairy tales. There is no "Prince, Princess or Fairy Godmother" who will show up and create it for you, YOU are what creates it. You must MAKE it happen. It will never fall into your lap. And well, if you can learn that from following me then my mission is accomplished.

Love you all, thanks for reading



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