Monday, August 1, 2016

Your Soul Will Come Alive When You Go After Your Dreams

Tonight is my typical blog night. I missed posting last Monday because it was my first night "Going Live" on FB  and I had to prepare. It was pretty cool, a new learning curve and pretty successful. It's a hard decision to make these days, with all the ways to reach people, exactly which ones to use. So... I do what I feel most people with some sort of influence do... I use them all. Some people like to read, others would rather watch, and I want to reach them all.

I am not really sure with all that is roaming around in my head tonight what to share, but I prayed about it and simply asked God to give me some words that someone needs to hear. When I have drawn blanks before and asked that of Him, some of my best stuff has been delivered, so let's see what comes out of this. I will just tell a story of something that happened today and let it flow. It touched me and perhaps it will touch you too.

Pain is a funny thing, we often hide it inside as to not call attention to ourselves or our troubles, yet in my life, I have witnessed many times that letting it out and sharing a painful moment touches lives, helps us connect, and lets us inside one another's hearts. In all that, change often happens, positive change, life-changing change It's cool, and has a lot of impact; at least on me.

Some of you know that I am in the planning stages of my life long dream... building a massive mentoring community called The S. Giard Group, whose goal is nothing more than to impact the lives of everyone involved and to change the way people look at personal and professional growth.

Our mission is to help EVERYONE involved, no matter how much or how little to manifest what ALL of us have inside. To rid ourselves of the things that hold us back.

This goal is something that has been in my head for a long time, about 11 years, actually. For the past 7, I have been mapping out how I would build it and run it. For the past two I have been piecing it together and now I am filling the pipelines. It is the most influential endeavor I have ever attempted.

I am excited and thrilled that I am now in the stage of adding mentors... finding the very people that will help me run this and make it a reality. With that being said, I have been interviewing people over the past several months and it has been a great process.

Today, I met with a lady that I was introduced to by one of my newest mentors, Ken, who is on the leadership and accountability team. The three of us met for coffee and she and I began to get acquainted. It came time for me to present my company and all that I have planned for it to this new contact. After I presented the whole concept and all that we were about, she was wowed. She shared personally with me a little bit about her son and as she did, she became very emotional coming to tears and said "If my son would have had something like this to plug into, his life would have been very different. This is really great Shelley and I would love to be part of this!"

I knew, in that moment, that I wanted her on my team.

You see, there is something to be said about a genuine soul, one that is not afraid to share, not afraid to cry. One that has been through their own experiences and KNOWS the value of having something, someone to plug into. A soul that KNOWS what self improvement and self discovery can do for your life. It was an awesome moment and I am looking forward to welcoming someone with a business degree as well as a masters in the Psychology field on the team.

Things are coming together. It is exciting, and no matter how long it takes to build this dream, I will push on despite the people who may think I am a crazy, far-fetched dreamer. They are right, I am. I am likely as FAR-FETCHED as they come. But, so were Walt Disney, Hans Christian Anderson, Dr, Seuss, Colonel Sanders and Ray Croc, just to name a few. They went for YEARS being broke to go after their dreams. They were relentless on the emotional roller coaster it is to go after a dream. However all of them, ALL of them reached their goal, fulfilled their dreams, changed lives and lived to see it happen.

For those who gave up... we can't say that. We don't know what may have happened if they had stuck it out just a little while longer. They died defeated, and likely worn out by the cruelty of a life without dreams and goals. A life that most people lead...

Is that the life you lead?

I am ALWAYS preaching on dreaming big and going after them and I will preach this till the day I die. If you are going to follow me, get used to it, or politely say good bye and know that I wish you lots of success and happiness.

As my tag line goes, "I am the girl that will tell you that you CAN when everyone else says you can't."

If you need that, I am here to plug into. I am here for you to share with others who need an outlet.

Today... I was moved by a tearful moment when someone felt that my company could have changed her son's life, THAT was so encouraging and it's little moments like that from a complete stranger that keep me going sometimes. That's two in the past several days... God knew I needed that encouragement and delivered it right on time.

I hope that somehow, these words stirred something inside of you. KNOW that I believe in you and want to help you in any way that I can. Reach out, anytime to the email below and I will help you find your voice and your way.

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Be AWESOME, Dream BIG and don't let anything stop you.

"The past is the inspiration to the story, the days ahead are the painting... remember that you hold the brush to create it. Now go make it a masterpiece." ©ShelleyGiard

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