Thursday, August 2, 2012

Me and My Lil' Guy... A Funny Story!

After I got home from my studio this evening the kids were dying for my attention so I decided to do something that is VERY hard for me to do... I unplugged. I asked Corey to turn off the TV (which I am totally okay with! ) hid my cell phone and laptop and sat in the floor to do flash cards with Zane and Brie. We did shapes, c
olors and alphabet sounds. It was so cute watching Brie try and mimic us. I put Brie to bed shortly after and sat down to play Play-Dough with Zane; he had me make a turtle, a shark and a hot dog.

He then decided that we were having so much fun that we should now play "bad guy" and shoot his Nerf guns at the bad guys so... I gave in and we played bad guy. We switched gears again and the whole family... (other than the sleeping Brie boo) played hide and seek indoors. THAT was a blast even though I lost every time because I never made it to home base without getting tagged. :(

As I tucked Zane in tonight and read him a story... it was not enough, he asked for another to which I decided to just make a funny one up. He giggled... a LOT. I kissed him and with those batting lashes he then asked if I would sing him a song like I always do and I said sure ... which song do you want me to sing "Goodnight Sweetheart" or "Sunshine On My Shoulders"? (these are the two songs that I have sung to him at bedtime since he was born) To which he replied "Hmmm, how bout Sexy and I know It or wiggle wiggle wiggle". LOL

May you sleep well tonight and "wiggle wiggle wiggle" your way into dreamland! HAHAHA


"Sometimes your time is all that a child needs" ©2012 Shelley Giard
 I need to post this to my forehead!!

Me and my lil' man!