Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finishing What You Started

We all have them... those unfinished projects which haunt us and stay on our brain yet we procrastinate getting them done over and over again. We start with every intention of finishing but life gets in the way, we lose interest or simply do not have the time or resources to finish the task. So... how do we get it into gear and check those things off the list? We make a list in order of priority and make it a goal (perhaps with a reward at the end that you can invent) to check them off one by one. The key is to give yourself a date to complete it that will keep you from procrastinating and stick it somewhere that you see several times a day such as the refrigerator. There is something about writing goals down and looking at them every day that helps us strive to accomplish them. Now I am not saying that it works every time for every person. What I AM saying is that if you are not getting things accomplished that you NEED to get accomplished this is the first step to making better progress. It works way better than watching television while eating ice cream (although that sounds pretty good right now as tired as I am) only thinking about what you SHOULD be doing instead. It is one thing to have someone else disappointed in you but when you are constantly disappointing yourself you eventually give yourself a reality check. This is an example of list I recently made which I am striving to stick to.

File paperwork on desk: Deadline: (August 15th)
Clean out/re-organize garage: Deadline: (August 30th)
Re-organize file drawers: Deadline (September 15th)

 Now it may seem super silly to give yourself deadlines... but if our creditors and utility companies did not give us a deadline to pay a bill do you think we would EVER pay them? Ummm... probably not. We are not allowed to procrastinate on paying the electric bill and we should not allow ourselves to procrastinate getting things done.  If we give ourselves "due dates" for getting stuff done, we will be happier, more organized and perhaps rub off on our children; what kid does not need to be more structured and organized?

The reason I am writing about this is because people that know me are always asking me how I do everything I do. I am here to tell you that without lists like this I am USELESS. I am so conditioned to running my days from a list that if I get out of the habit of doing it I may as well be asleep because I am lost, dysfunctional, and completely out of sorts. I suppose it is like a runner or a swimmer who spends every day training for a race and when it's over and they stop the routine they don't really know what to do... so they decide to train for the next event. Same concept different training, it's all relative. (And yes, this analogy probably had something to do with the fact that the Olympics are on in the background thanks to Corey.)

Tonight, my blog may not make you laugh, (or maybe it will) and it won't make you cry (if it does seek help) or get all warm and fuzzy (although I am known for all of those things) however my hopes and purpose of writing it was to help you get on the track to getting more done. Maybe tomorrow night my mind will be sappy and inspirational as usual but today it is laser beam focused on accomplishing goals and getting things done! Here's to checking things off that list!