Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Live Your Dreams by Sharing Your Talents"

We have all been given talents, some of us have several, and some of us have only one that may stand out in our mind; but we ALL have them. Do you use them? Have you figured out what they are? Do you have something that you have always wanted to do but fear kept you from doing it? I am here to tell you that using your talents to do things you have always wanted to do despite your fears and reservations, is something that will put your mind in a place to guide you to accomplishment. It's never too late to live your dreams. If you are in your 50's, 60's, even your 70's and your dream was to be a dancer on Broadway, you may not get to Broadway, but setting out to do it anyway will make you a happier person because you have purpose and will be doing what you love; THAT is priceless. You can take dance lessons, you can sing, you can draw, paint, build, tell jokes, at any age. It takes drive, ambition, determination and courage to fulfill your dreams by using your given talents. Courage is what holds most of us back... that and the fear of failure. We are easily talked out of things by our friends and family when what we are dreaming of seems silly or unrealistic to them. We let it go thinking they are probably right... WRONG.

Use your talents, add life to each day with them and share them with others so that they too may enjoy what you love and what you are passionate about. It's what we are supposed to do, should do; don't let anything hold you back. I teach this to my kids, talk about it to the people I know, and regurgitate it throughout my blogs and social media sites because I have been lucky enough to muddle through many trenches, climbed many mountains and jumped thousands of hurdles to live out my dreams. I am not to my final destination yet but I will tell you that the accomplishments in my journey thus far have been amazing and worth every blood drip, sweat puddle and tear roll. It IS worth it, I promise. Having purpose means everything, and when you have everything... what you don't have seems like nothing.

Today I am sharing the talents of a few members of my family with you 

My twenty-year-old daughter Cierra lives in Colorado, she is an amazing kid who is putting herself through college, and works her "patootie" off to support herself. After one year at CU, she changed her path and gave up her $180K ROTC scholarship to live out her dreams, even if it meant she had to pay her own way. She has made me SO proud. She now plans to attend RMCAD next year for a degree in commercial design and illustration after getting her "formality" classes out of the way at a local community college. She LOVES photography and although she has had little training outside of attending Photoshop World a time or two, she is really good. (yes, I am a bit partial but I am also realistic.) Being my daughter... miss "I was born an entrepreneur", she is following in my footsteps even though she has much smaller feet. She now shares her beautiful landscape and nature photography online in hopes of selling a few prints to help her through college. Take a look and share her page with anyone who may love what she does. (or who may need an apprentice or photography assistant out there.) Here is her site:

Next in line is my baby brother Aaron, although his day job is in graphic/web design, he is also a very talented musician, recording artist, lyricist, songwriter/composer; his true passion lies here. His apple does not fall far from our family tree... I sing too, as well as my mom. My dad sings and plays guitar, and my oldest brother plays drums, (just call us the Partridge family). He is doing everything he can while working full time and being a family man to achieve his musical dreams of being a recording artist. It's hard... and I know what it's like to juggle more balls than you can handle but I know he can do it if he just keeps going. He is talented and he shares his talents with others, and now I am sharing them with you. These are two of my favorite solo Youtube videos he has up which were recorded in his studio at his home solely by him.

Phil Collins In the Air Tonight Acoustic cover by Aaron Giard

Three Days Grace I Hate Everything About You Acoustic cover by Aaron Giard

(Search Aaron Giard  or Red Letter Suite  for more)

I hope you enjoy what I have shared and if you do, I encourage you to share it with others. I hope that maybe you were also inspired, or at least made you think of what your dreams really are.We are all in this game of life together and if we pat each other on the back, give words of encouragement anytime we can and share what we love with others this world will be a much better place. 

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