Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We the People Need to CUT IT OUT!

I would not normally blog about this because I am well on my way of becoming somewhat of a public figure, but it is also because of that I found it necessary to do what I do best and that is to inspire people; to get into the heads of others hoping to make them see things in a different light, to look at the WHOLE picture instead of just SOME of the picture.

If you have a computer (and obviously you do if you are reading this) you know that there is a million things out there flying around that I feel are NOT "politically" correct. I enjoy being a citizen of the USA because I have more choices than if I was not. I am able to do research and form my own opinions based on what I learn. I politely share things that I learn in a non-intrusive, non-abusive way (my blogs and my books) and when I share my opinions I try not to offend others that may think differently because it is their right to feel that way. Why? Well, because that is the beauty of being an American. We have choice... and because of that we are "free", we are not "free" in many other ways because we have laws and rules and well... you get my point. Now... I have been "holding my type" for a few months now even though I wanted to do this much earlier on but after this last week, I had to finally blow this out.

We the people of the "Divided States of America" need to knock it off. I have never seen such division, hate, and gross disrespect for a president and other people in my life. It is sad... really sad. Every president we have ever had made mistakes, and many were REALLY big ones. Every president has been left with a mess to clean up from the one preceding him, some messes bigger and much harder to fix than others, it's part of the job and frankly I commend ANYONE who puts themselves in that line of fire only to be blamed for everything despite the fact that we have had 43 presidents before the current one that have ALL made mistakes, bad choices and lied to sway voters. Yep... George Washington started the ball, but does HE get blamed for anything? Nope. 

You don't have to like Obama, nor do I, but just like our elders he deserves respect; we ALL do.   We must look at the fact that he is not the one who makes all the decisions, he discusses issues that we have (and we have MANY issues) with his "house" of people then it is talked about, voted on, and a final decision is then made, however you are right America... it is all HIS fault. I truly believe that every president goes in with SOME good intentions. I would love to be the one who fixes everything but guess what? You cannot fix people unless they want to change and THAT is the problem. WE have issues because of US, "the people" our attitudes, our hatred towards others and it saddens me that there is more division among the US people and hate than ever in my lifetime. Homosexuals, African Americans, Hispanics, hate them all? Really? I am sorry, I am a Christian who believes that I am not the one who should be casting stones at anyone; that is not my job. 

It is also not my job to shove my opinion down the throats of others and belittle people who may have a different opinion than me. That is a sin if I read my bible right. We can be passionate and stand up for our beliefs, but if someone believes different than us, we should respect that. I will not yell and scream and blast their email and Facebook page with MY opinion, because I don't like being offensive. I have seen droves of people standing behind all this hatred cheering it on. EAT At Chic-Fil-A if you believe that same sex marriage is wrong, boycott Mcdonald's because they back Chic-Fil-A. I am SOOOOO tired of seeing posts on Facebook about Chic-Fil-A and Obama, racial and homosexual hate. I get it... it's election year and slander will be all over our televisions, radios and computer screens until November 1st and that is nothing I look forward to.

I look forward to the day when we all get that respect and equality go hand in hand, that we would all be better off if we just learn to live in harmony and make decisions as the UNITED people not the divided people. I guess I am a modern day hippie... maybe they were onto something; because peace, love and great music does not sound half bad. 

OH! And parading behind someone who disagrees with people for standing up for who they are? Yeah... that does not really strike me as an endearing quality. I love everyone... fat, skinny, black white, yellow, polka dotted, short, tall, pretty, ugly, disabled, male, female, gay, and straight because in all of the diversity you will find interesting conversation, big hearts, lots of laughs, GREAT friends and more love than you can absorb. And with that being said... PEACE OUT!

And PLEASE, feel free to PASS THIS ON....