Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Chapter in Life....

Today was my last day of "slingin' hair" at my hair and makeup studio in Spring Hill. 

It was a 



I opened Canvas Hair and Skin Studio during a significant and pivotal time in my life. I had decided  that I wanted a divorce from my husband when my son Zane was only a few months old. Daycare did not work for my schedule because stylists have to work late, on Saturdays and most major holidays in order to make a good living. I knew that the only way to afford a nanny to keep my 3 children while I worked, was to have my own studio closer to home. I was still commuting to Tampa to work even though I had moved to the small town of Spring Hill a year earlier when my oldest daughter was going into high school. I got uneasy thinking that she would be driving in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Tampa, so moving north and commuting to work seemed a small sacrifice for her safety. 

I set my goal and in Febraury of 2009, with the help of my mother...Canvas Hair Studio opened. Then a few short months later on April 1st, I found out that I was pregnant with my youngest daughter Abrielle. I was devastated, because now I would have to continue the marriage with the man I was hoping to divorce. Being a single mom of 4 just sounded ridiculous, so I did what most would do and stayed. I did not connect at all with the pregnancy,  I was depressed that I was "stuck" and it was the pregnancy's fault. I shudder at this thought today; that I was so selfish to think like that knowing how many people would die for the opportunity to connect to the thought of having a child. It wasn't until I was twenty weeks pregnant that I realized that when we are headed in the wrong direction, God gives us a little nudge to steer us straight again.

To be continued tomorrow...