Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scrolling Back in Time....

I am a bit of a Facebook junkie, it is like my television I suppose since I am not a fan of sitting in front of the TV watching the ridiculous shows that grace the screen these days. I love going to people's pages and scrolling back on their timeline to see old posts. I enjoy looking through photo albums, it's kind of fun and often very interesting. You see in real time how people's lives change from one day to the next... from bad day to good day, from family crisis to kids getting on nerves. You see pictures of babies growing up, engagements and marriages occurring and you feel peoples sadness and sorrow in times of loss. It's a constant evolution of things happening and how even when we are at our weakest points, we somehow get through it all. It is wonderful to see how social media has allowed us to connect with people and through these connections we gain moral support, prayers and praise in every aspect of our lives in which we post and share with our Facebook family. We get pats on the back, sympathy and encouragement from people who may have never known what we were going through otherwise.I remember when I rejected the thought of Facebook and am so glad now that I finally accepted it.

How far do you scroll back? Do you do this in your own life? Do you scroll back in time to when your life was different? maybe it was happier once upon a time or maybe it was miserable and you  finally defeated the negative things that were going on. Do you look at old photos and reminisce, reflect and smile at things you may have forgotten? I do and I must say that every time I do I learn something about myself, I realize how I have grown as a person, I learn to appreciate things more and realize that my kids are growing up and that I only have a limited time left with them.

Life gets so busy that we often forget to scroll back and remember a time when we were not where we are today, sometimes it can make you feel proud of your accomplishments and other times it can make you realize that maybe you need to pull that list of goals back out and start checking them off. So I encourage you to scroll back... remember when... and hopefully you too will learn something that you forgot or simply did not realize about yourself.

Have an awesome day!