Wednesday, July 11, 2012

There will ALWAYS be Rain... (lesson to be learned)

 I am sitting here at my vintage bankers desk typing away peering out my window into the backyard. The sun in shining, the kids are happily swimming and that makes me bubble inside. Florida summers often deliver lots of rain, it rains almost every day for at least a few hours and at times lightning and rumbling thunder accompany it.That was the case yesterday afternoon and I must say it was amazing as I drove home from my mothers house looking ahead at the crazy cloud formations in the sky.

(Yes, I was driving but I had to get some shots of this!)

 As I drove, my mind raced with thoughts because there was something relaxing and calming about watching the clouds. I was thinking of how although we get gloomy days and thunderous nights, lightning strikes and flooding roads, it eventually clears up and it's as if nothing has ever happened. Many days of rain can bring you into the dumps quickly but the feeling you get when the sun finally comes out again is euphoric. It instantly makes you happy and the gloomy days disappear as soon as we are able to look out the window and see the sun shining, get back to the beach, into our pools, or out in the yard to soak up that warm inviting sun.

It's a lot like life... we have thunderstorms, lightning and tons of rain throughout it; our problems, hiccups, setbacks, tragedies and heartbreaks. The difference is that in life, when the sun comes back out we tend to stay in the funk that the rain caused and forget that HELLO??? The sun is shining again! You have to soak it up before the clouds come back, because it always rains and the clouds will always be waiting to drift back into our lives and hover for a while.

What I have tried to do over the past few years and I encourage YOU to do the same, is to look at the rain clouds in life as an opportunity to grow, to become better and use them as a reminder to appreciate the sunshine when it is out. In other words, pay attention to the blessings and miraculous things around you every chance you get. I still get into funks and so will you at times, but they don't last as long when you remember that at the end of every storm there is likely a rainbow and the warmth of the sunshine just around the corner!

Hopefully next time you run into rain you will think about what I have said and smile knowing that every cloud eventually passes. Just a few miles ahead of this cloud that I snapped a shot of the sky was clear and the sun was shining and you know what? I appreciated the beauty of it a little more than normal...

Have a great day and may you feel some warm sunshine on your face!

“It is not the moments that make sense that have the strongest impact, it is the moments that make none at all that will change your life” ShelleyGiard 2010


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