Thursday, July 26, 2012

What is a Friend Anymore?

What a LOADED question indeed! One that is asked often enough to blog about, so here it goes...

Is being able to accept or respond to every phone-call, text message, e-mail, Facebook post or otherwise media communication what it means to be a friend now? I am afraid that with this day and age that is exactly where it is headed. Call me old fashioned but I kind of like the way I was taught to be a friend and that is this...

I am your friend because I pay attention when you need it the most. Theoretically speaking, I am kind of like the person who goes to church on Holidays or special occasions; with me... when you NEED me, I am white on rice baby! I may not be able to be there for every coo or giggle your daughter or son delivers, but when you are having problems with them during the teen years and you call, text or message me? I will drop whatever I am doing if humanly possible and come to your rescue however I can. 

Hello, I am your problem solver friend and I am good to know. Not because I am cute, but because I am a nerd and I care about others. I am passionate to the core and  as positive and forward thinking as they come (unless I am at wit's end... but that's another blog topic.)

What kind of friend are you? Conditional? Occasional? Nevergoaway-onal?  I ask you do dive in and think about the KIND of friend you are. If you are a social media only kind of friend then maybe you should think about that and be sure that it is how you want to be remembered. I had to do this in order to realize the kind of friend I was and what I did not like about my answer I worked on to change. Was it easy? Nope. Did I get used? Yep. Will it be by everyone? No, and that is all that counts.

"It is not quantity that matters, sometimes it just needs to be only one... that one true real genuine person, moment or experience. With just one you are wealthier than most. ©2012 Shelley Giard