Monday, July 23, 2012

"Life is Not Fair"

I don't recall being promised a "fair" life... but I hear people complain all of the time about how unfair theirs is.Where did this complaint originate? Did YOU get promised a life that is supposed to be fair, easy and without struggle? If you did, then someone did you an injustice because nothing is "fair". Life... just like anything else is what we make of it. It is a concoction of the decisions we make, things we do and say all bottled up and shaken with hopes of a good turnout. Once upon a time things were seemingly more fair but today, with the political spin on everything, that has sadly changed. Money and power have replaced fair game and justice, and because of that we have to pay even more attention to what we do if we plan to succeed and get ahead of our game. We have to be "fair" in the decisions we make instead of being corrupt and selfish. We have to be kind and selfless and think of others more than ourselves at times; it's hard... but it's fair and it's morally correct. If fair is what you want, then be fair in your everyday actions.

More judgement is being passed these days then I have ever seen. Many people base their opinions on the opinions of others instead of thinking for themselves and making their own call. Media has tainted our minds, our views and our morals and will continue to do so as long as we believe what we hear and stop our own research. I have never believed everything I have heard ESPECIALLY if it is delivered by the media... a "controlled form of knowledge". When is the last time you turned on the news to hear a "happy story" a feel good, heart felt story that made you feel like maybe there is still good going on out there? How often does this happen anymore? Have we made ourselves glutenous gossip freaks that only want to hear the bad and the ugly? Does the media give us what we want based on the ratings? Yes... of course they do. We want it? we get it. Supply and demand.

I can even prove this fact with my blog stats. I often get creative with my titles to gear what readers click on more and I can tell you that it is the titles that sound a little more controversial or like they could have a bit of a negative connotation that tend to get more clicks. It's funny...and sad... and pathetic that we have become more conditioned to hearing about turmoil, pain and negative news than things that would uplift us, make us smile, make us stress less and worry less and help us be more productive. 

I wish I could flick a switch and change this... but I can't. All I can do is continue to write in hopes of reaching more readers who would rather click on my blog link for a dose of good medicine that can make them smile, laugh or simply just have hope that the "happy ending" is still for the taking"
If you agree.. share my blog. If you don't then maybe you should keep reading until you do.


"We were never promised a life that was fair, why do we always expect it to be? Instead, we should look at what we can do to improve how we live it and when things are not "fair" we should recognize that maybe someone is trying to tell us to pay better attention to our actions!" ©2012 Shelley Giard