Monday, September 24, 2012

Can You Be Motivated?

I often wonder why so many things seem to light a fire under my butt, get my engines roaring and overtake my mind like a flame engulfing a gas pump while other people cannot even get motivated to get out of bed in the morning. Is the ability to be motivated something that you are born with, something you learn from your peers or is it created by the events of your life? It's an interesting question and as many motivational books that I have read in my lifetime, I have a theory... shall I share it? Well... of course I will! :)

People who struggle more get motivated much easier because they are kicked into survival mode; when you are starving, you are motivated to hunt. Have you ever read a motivational book? If the answer is no then you likely have not felt you had a reason to. You are either perfect, complacent, blissfully happy or you have simply given up. Life has given you no reason to pick up a book and get motivated to make life better, achieve more goals or learn something from someone else's struggles. Although I cannot speak from experience... I am sure in some cases it's a good thing. You probably get more restful sleep than I do, and you likely don't walk around with a notepad app on your phone so you can jot down ideas as they pour into your head at the strangest times. It can be a curse as much as it is a blessing.

When have you ever met anyone who seems to go through life easy-pleasy get motivated to read or watch anything with substance? They have no clue what it's like to sacrifice much of anything because they are used to getting everything.  I have friends like this and I love them nonetheless and have learned to realize that they may not understand me simply because their life can't let them.

Embrace your journey; allow it to motivate you even when it seems perfect. Never stop dreaming and never stop hoping they will come true. If you have never struggled, imagine you were long enough to understand where the people who have are coming from. Don't misunderstand who they are.

My mind has been ON FIRE lately and when it kicks into overdrive sometimes it crashes and burns... in other words, it wears me out to the point of mental exhaustion. Yep... I was there last week so I took a weekend off and unplugged before I had a complete shut down. It HAD to happen and it felt pretty good; and today my brain is back on fire ready for another week of cranking out ideas, plans, spreadsheets and nerdy crap that consumes my every day. I am weird... I know, and I am content with that.

Can you be motivated? What motivates you? Have you given up? Thrown in the white towel? Or do you still have dreams and goals that you would like to reach? What are they? Are you willing to make them a priority? Are you willing to give up something you like in order to get something you will love? I encourage you to write these questions down and answer them... perhaps you will find something that will kick you into gear and bring you closer to a big win. If you are not motivated to answer these questions... perhaps you have given up; I hope not!