Friday, September 28, 2012

For My Guys...Healthy Relationships;

I know you opened this because you were curious and I also know that it's the first three words of the title that sucked you in; "For My Guys"... after all; I am a pretty girl who has a brain and you thought; "OOoooh! This is to ME from HER!" And well... that's most of your problem; it's not all about you. If you read the second half of that statement it would reveal that this was about how to have "healthy" relationships. My question to you is would you still have opened it if those two words would have been first? If the answer is no, then don't stop reading because there is a lesson here that WILL benefit you. If the answer is yes, then YOU can't stop reading because you may find that you are doing everything right and wouldn't that be a good boost to the ego? Yep... of course, and guess what? We all need that.

If you are a girl reading this then you were thinking; "what does THIS girl have to say to "OUR guys?" and so perhaps jealousy more than curiosity made you open it; it's natural so no worries, I won't beat you up about it. Guys... this is normal behavior read on to learn why.

So listen up! Small things are what it's ALL about! You can buy a girl diamonds bigger than a hazelnut with all the beautiful designer intricacies she wanted; but in the end if you DON'T appreciate her by verbally and physically showing her; such as saying, "honey you look amazing tonight." Or kiss her on the back of the neck when she doesn't expect it; you will never have the relationship you want... you know the "steamy" one. Yes, all women like to hear we look sexy... but if you never take the "sex" out of the sexy , eventually we will have a need for the tender emotions that go along with hearing something more emotional from you. Guys like "strip clubs" but women would Love for an "emotional club" to open up with free drinks.

So's the top 8 list of how to have a "steamy" relationship;
("healthy" for her = "steamy" for you)
And GIRLS... you know this is what you want more of...

  • Kiss her when you come home, even if you have had a long day; it's about her at that moment.
  • Tell her how good dinner was when she cooks for you; and if it wasn't good? Tell her how beautiful she looks when she is cooking; it's a win for you and her either way.
  • Help her clean up after dinner or occupy the kids or bathe them so she can everything done and spend time relaxing with you before bed.
  • Engage in the blabber that she tells bombards you with and "actually care" not "act like you care."
  • Tell her you love her; and mean it... by SHOWING IT and you will like what she reciprocates!
  • Provide and create security by working on the finances TOGETHER don't do it all by yourself and never make her handle it all. It's 100/100 not 50/50; forget what you have learned on that!
  • Most men (not all) love intimacy for the visual and physical feel feel; most women (not all) love it for the emotional connection... remember that so you will think of her needs too.
  • And last but not least; support her passionately about what makes her passionate; even if it's hard to understand, this one is about her feeling that her ideas are valid and important. Even when you think they are dumb, do it. What you will get in return is that eventually you won't be faking it; when you LOVE her truly; you will share her passions.

GUYS? I PROMISE you that if you do these things you will have the relationship you have always wanted. TRUST me on this.

GIRLS? If you are still reading then all you need to be told is ... DO THE SAME THINGS in return and you will be "healthier and happier"and he will only want you; leaving you secure in EVERY way.