Sunday, September 30, 2012

Make Your Mark in This World!

I find inspiration in weird places all of the time, but this weekend, I actually surprised myself and laughed as I sat in a public restroom stall taking a picture of the bathroom door; it inspired this blog post. (sorry if that is too much information... but get used to it if you are going to be reading my blogs)

So... here it is, the blog that was inspired by a restroom stall door. Enjoy! 

Purpose... I have to believe we all have one; although some may never realize it, I find it hard to accept that anyone is here to live day to day with no reason, no direction, and no purpose; just to be left walking aimlessly around like a robot thinking "which way do I go?" We all have the ability to become great at something... but not all of us have the drive, the motivation, the resources the ability to focus or the energy to do what it takes to win; if we did... we would all be millionaires and Olympic athletes and being one would not be such a big deal anymore; that is why it is special.

It is special to be someone that speaks up when everyone else stays silent, it's special to run harder when all you want to do is drop to the ground in pain, it's special to push yourself when you would rather give up and it takes a special person to get back up after they fail more than once. The rebels... the troublemakers, the non-conformists, the stubborn ones are the ones who change the world. Just like Steve Jobs said... "the round pegs in square holes" are the ones who make a difference, who become great at something and are recognized for it; why wouldn't you want to be one of those people? What holds you back? Is it the fear of failure? Is it the lack of self confidence? Is it because everyone will laugh or make fun of your dreams and ideas? I would be willing to bet it's all of those and maybe you have even more excuses of "why not" that you could turn into "why you can" if you just think differently.

If fear holds you back, have fear NOT doing something instead of having the fear in doing it. If it's the lack of self confidence that ails you, look in the mirror EVERY day and say " you can do this" to yourself; yes... it is okay to talk to yourself, but only if you are telling yourself things that are helpful. Have you ever looked in the mirror and said something negative? Did you believe what you were saying to yourself to be true? (ex; I look fat, I look skinny, I have wrinkles, I am losing my hair) Then start saying positive things and watch how it works for you just as well. You bring about what you think about and what you tell yourself will eventually come true. THAT is a fact. (unless you are telling yourself you will win the lottery... the odds in that are not even ones your mind can overcome.) If it's the influence of others that holds you back... remember; they won't make you rich, they won't be living your dreams with you... so what they think does not matter in the end.

We all need to make our mark, have a presence, and be remembered for something; that is my lesson for today. If it is to be the best little league coach for your child, then do it. If it is to have the cleanest house or be the best stay-at-home mom... that's fine. You don't have to win a Nobel Prize or a Grammy Award to make a mark in this world. The point is to be the best you CAN be at whatever it is you are doing. Don't be half-ass. Always be a rebel... speak up to get what you want and never be afraid to spill your thoughts... even if it happens to be on a bathroom stall door. I guarantee that whoever scribbled the first words on this door was born a leader; it took courage, and look how many others followed her lead! I hope she is doing something with it! I know... I am weird; I find depth in the smallest of things, I am a Psychology nut, what else can I say?

I wonder if you should feel special when your girlfriend thinks of how much she loves you as she is "doing business" in the bathroom.'s THAT for an ending thought! HAHA!

Happy Sunday

Just blogging in silence on a Sunday afternoon!