Friday, October 19, 2012

A Special Meaning

I am extremely sentimental, and attempt to put meaning into everything I do. I have learned that it's a blessing and a curse to be this way because sometimes it sets me up for disappointment. Today was a very special day for me... it was the day that the Kindle version of my book should have gone live on Amazon, but technical difficulties may have gotten the best of that happening. I did get my issues resolved, but it takes up to 12 hours to make it live from the time it gets published to Kindle's site and that happened at 3:30 today. (insert sad face) I have not given up; it's not midnight yet, so I will hang on to the hope that it will happen before then. (fingers crossed)

I chose to make it live today on purpose, it would have been my sister Teresa's 48th birthday. I wrote my book in her honor, dedicated it to her and truly hoped to have it go live today... on her birthday. Now, that may not happen and although it makes me sad, it happened for a reason and I know that; it is what my whole book is about, and since I wrote it... I believe it; there are no accidents. My original deadline was missed and it was not able to go live on August 5th; the 31st anniversary of her death; which I was upset about and that turned out to have HUGE purpose which you will read about in my book... so I am confident that if it does not happen tonight, there is yet another message out there for me.

Life is full of purposeful things, things we may notice, and things we may not. There are things that we should pay attention to, yet we turn our noses up and often take them for granted. I have been more observant over the past few years and because of that I have found miraculous meaning in moments that may have meant nothing if I had not been paying attention. NEVER stop paying attention... for you will miss opportunities, happiness, laughter and meaningful things in life that you are meant to experience. Don't just stop to smell the obvious roses... find the rare ones that  hide from plain view.

Tonight, I will think of my sister, I will sing happy birthday to her in my dreams, I will wonder what she would be doing right now if she were here... and I will hope that somehow, some way, my book will go live before midnight. If it does not... I will anxiously await the reason why. 

Have a great night everyone!