Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday is Only the Beginning...

Don't doom your week by starting off on the Monday foot! Week, after week, after week, I see Facebook posts starting on Sunday night about it being Monday eve.  :( Then Monday morning it's always "bring on the coffee", "I hate going to work", "Mondays suck", and then people wonder why their week blows biscuits! I take a different approach why? Get a clue! I am NOT normal, or typical or any of those words that sound boring to me. I approach Mondays like this... "Today is going to be my start to a great week!", "I am lucky to have a place to make money to provide for my family", "Today is another day I get to live life" and of course I also say "Bring on the coffee"... but I say that everyday; it smells and tastes yummy.

Does doing this always make my week awesome? NO! Are all my Mondays fabulous? Ummm, NO! Do I always want to bounce out of bed and start my week? Absolutely NOT! However if I tell myself Mondays suck, they will ALWAYS suck. I figure I have a much better chance of success with the right attitude. Self talk is VERY important. If you tell yourself you can't, you won't. If you tell your self you can, you will. Trust me, when that alarm goes off I would more often than not love to stay curled up in bed; especially this time of year when it starts to get cold outside, but living every day I am given to the fullest is something I never want to take for granted... and neither should you! <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">