Monday, October 15, 2012

"My Amazing Brie is 3!"

Three years ago, my youngest daughter Abrielle was born....... with Down syndrome. What some people feel is a curse, a punishment of sorts, a burden, a chore and a sign that their child will not be perfect... has been the most  perfectly amazing blessing in my life. I am so glad I believed and had FAITH that she would be a wonderful piece of my puzzle. I never doubted it because the journey I have played out has had purpose. Something I wanted to have all of my life; and never got ,when nobody else believed in me but I believed in myself. I could not make them right; I would do it without their support because I believed I would.

Abrielle was no accident; she too had purpose. I am here to be her voice, to make others aware of how wonderful people with Down syndrome are. They can teach us about, humility, innocent humor, struggle, defeat, accomplishment, determination and most of about love. Not the kind of love we know now, but the kind of love you only realize when nothing you do makes them love you any less. Wonder what the world would be like if we had no conditions? I will tell you that I KNOW it would be a better place.

Ability does not have anything to do with how many chromosomes you have; it has to do with your heart and what it tells you to do in life.

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This Blog was written In Honor of
Down Syndrome Awarness Month