Friday, February 8, 2013

Mentally Drained? Me too!

Sometimes, I have those weeks when my mind is literally on fire with ideas; brainstorms happen when I least expect them to and this ridiculous business mind kicks in when it simply needs to just SLOOWWW-DOWWWWN! I wish I could honestly push a pause button just until I can process and put to action the things already going on BEFORE coming up with yet another idea. It's been one of those weeks, and I realized today that THIS is my problem. It's my A.D.D. on crack and sometimes it overwhelms me. If I could sell half of these ideas to people who had no ideas but all the time in the world to act upon them, maybe I could make a small fortune... (uh oh just birthed another business idea! ARGH!)

FOCUS Shelley... FOCUS! So... here I am drained from a mentally exhausting week and my kids were off of school today for the "Florida State Fair" yes... it's like a holiday around here, weird... I know. Something told me that taking three children to the fair alone was a VERY bad idea, especially when every other child in the county would also be there so we did not venture out despite the free tickets we had from their schools. Good thing is... they could care less, and made out fine just playing at home. (thank GOD!) My youngest two still take naps during the day (YAY!) and a long nap at that (2 hours, double yay!) and today, unlike ANY other day, I decided a nap was a GREAT idea. (I usually take this time to DO things)However it seemed to be just what I needed to balance out this mind blowing week of mine. I took advantage of the ENTIRE two hours and snoozed like an infant with a full belly and then the kids woke up. :( boo! I wanted more! HA! Incredible... that I of all people... the girl who ALWAYS finds it necessary to feel productive no matter what, wanted a LONGER nap today. I felt like kicking and screaming and telling them to go back to bed, but after realizing that would be kind of mean and chilish, I do as I NEVER do... and turned on the television voluntarily! (gasp) I got sucked into episode after episode of the show "Hoarders", THAT is a disturbing show by the way.

As I was watching this man who was living with 2000 rats as companions because he was grief stricken about finding his wife deceased in their home, I decided although there are things that I wish I were easier, things that I would like to have that I don't have, and the fact that I need to clone myself  a few times in order to do all that I REALLY want to do... my life is not half bad. I could not help but feel sorry for this poor guy as he was literally distraught when they caged all of these rats which had become his "family", however it was still utterly disgusting.

I am still mentally drained, and I suppose my wheels will continue to turn as long as I am breathing air;  I do need to realize though that I cannot do everything... I cannot BE everything... I need to focus on being GREAT at what makes me the happiest and use the rest as backup. I need to stop beating myself up when I don't have a spotless house, (although it makes me crazy) perfect clothes and tons of money in the bank despite how hard I work, simply because I do the best I can with what I have been given. I love to make people smile, I love to inspire them, and I love to build their self esteem... THAT makes me happy. I love being a mom, and I love having an amazing boyfriend that supports all my crazy ideas even when they may take time away from him, THOSE things make me happy. I love reading emails and posts from my fans... because it lets me know that what I am doing through my book and my blogs is making a difference and THAT makes me happy. SO... I will focus on those things and those things only for a while and see what happens. (Don't worry, I will still write down all the other ideas for backup and perhaps to sell one day! )

Have an awesome weekend guys! I will be back on Monday! 
Stay safe and as my friend Jason would say... ROCK ON PEEPS!