Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Daughter Baleigh, Fierce and Fearless!

I honestly thought to myself where in the world do I even go with this tonight? It has just been that kind of week (meaning the last seven days)  I could blog about so much! I feel like I was on a roller coaster all week emotionally, mentally and physically and by the end of it (yesterday) I think the nausea had even set in. Thank GOD for pillows (even though I need a new one) and for the power of positive thinking to pull yourself out of the vomit. (sorry for the analogy but it was what came out and I typically say what I think.)

Now that I have grossed you out, I will share one of  3 highlights of my week with you. (I will share the other 2  Friday) Hang with me.. there is inspiration here! Early in the week, we were preparing for Baleigh's talent show. (my 11 year old daughter) She had been practicing with school rehearsals since mid December making up her own choreography and singing her song. She worked SOOO hard, then mid January, she got bored with the song and switched to a different one and of course then had to change the whole dance too! (don't know WHERE she gets that from?) Her final choice was the song "Good Time"  I have to admit, I was worried. Although I LOVE that my funky, punky, artsy, fartsy child LOVES to sing, I have always encouraged her to sing for fun and draw for a living. (she is THAT good at drawing) She sings all over the house and in the shower EVERY day and quite frankly sounds REALLY off key most of the time. Her dancing has gotten better with practice, but she is definitely a white girl in that department. My point in sharing this is that it proves I am not biased, I know her limits, but encourage her to do what she loves no mater what anyone thinks, (even me).

There were 24 acts that night and I have to admit that even though I appreciate the guts it took to get up there, because I can truly relate (my personal story is in my book) most of the acts were pretty awful, or boring and some were both. That is... until my daughter announced as "THE WILD THANG" hit the stage. She BLEW ME AWAY with her performance. She blew Corey and my Mom away and without a doubt, if they had a "winner" that night she would have crowned, hands down. I honestly did not know where this fearless child with amazing rhythm and voice came from. She gave a more than an entertaining performance and was SO fearless and confident. She truly amazed me as I stood to give her a round of applause. If I knew how to whistle like a redneck through my fingers I totally would have!

She was SOOO nervous the day before and she had friends laughing at her. She came home from practice telling me that she did not want to do it... and I said NO! These people are JEALOUS because you are so amazing... and boy... did she prove me right! I have honestly never been so proud of her! The courage it took to step out there alone and just NAIL IT was so inspiring... it is something that took me 13 years in school to gain the courage to do. Is it because she had me to boost her self esteem when she wanted to quit? I would like to think so... because words are powerful. I am sure that my encouragement helped, just as quickly as I have hurt her feelings during times I was on edge and later had to apologize for my wrongs, (we all do it.) It reminded me once again just how important my mouth is and I must be careful with what comes out. Sharp tongues need not apply!

The moral of this story is... watch your words, never quit, always give it your best and knock their freaking socks off EVERY time!

As the children were announced one by one at the end for their final bow, some kids walked out and bowed,  some curtsied, some walked out looking like they had just seen a ghost and then "THE WILD THANG" came running out and slid on her knees to the front of the stage with rocker hands in the air. I have never laughed so hard or been so proud of my rebel. (Check back with me when she hits 16! HAHAHA)

It was certainly a "GOOD TIME!"


Baleigh just after the show in her knee high peace sign Converse, hot pink metallic leggings 
and a great big smile! 
 Corey managed to snap this photo just as my child skated to the front of the stage on her knees! 
That's my girl!