Monday, February 24, 2014

JUST FOCUS... on the positive side

... and the negative disappears.

Last week was a doozie for me. I had a VERY busy work week and within it, as usual, I had to intertwine my everyday life of also being a homemaker /mom to my three kiddos at home. Mid week, I realized that I had WAY over committed myself, but I had to make it work; it was my fault, so I figured it out and dealt with the fact that I said "yes" too much. Trying not to let the natural stress of having too much to do take over my thoughts, I kept reminding myself of how blessed I was to be so busy when so many people are out of work, hoping to make ends meet... and with that came the calm feelings I needed to erase the stress that was playing tug of war with my brain. Self talk and thought processes are TRULY the most powerful things on the planet and honestly the most crucial to our well being. It is a process... one you have to fight to maintain and you WILL inevitably lose control at times, but the more you practice the power of positive thinking the less drama and negative emotions you will have in your life.

Among the things I had to do, taking my son Zane to the eye doctor for his yearly check up was one of them. First thing Thursday morning that is where we headed. Last year, we discovered that he was seeing -500, meaning his close up vision was pretty much non existent. The positive side to this was that it explained his difficulty learning his letters, shapes and numbers and also his fidgety nature in a classroom or at home when trying to keep him on task. He was already being labeled as a "behavior issue" in pre-school because he could not stay still and focus. He has been wearing his corrective lenses for nearly a year now, and things had been better, however recently he started having issues in his class again as well as with homework and he had been telling me that he was blind in his left eye. Now... for those of you who do not know, my 12 year old daughter Baleigh was born blind in her left eye due to Optic Nerve Hypoplasia; so when he said this part of me thought maybe he was just trying to be like her, but another part of me worried that there was more to it.

I sat in the exam room as my son's doctor performed a comprehensive eye exam and watched as my son struggled to see, I listened to my son respond as the doctor covered up his right eye, which is the only eye he had been saying that he was seeing out of and the truth was revealed; he was not seeing out of his left eye. As a lump filled my throat and as a tear formed in my eye, I found comfort and strength in my son's courage and calmness when he simply said... "yeah, I can't see anything now." I quickly filled my heart with faith that whatever this was, we could fix it. Luckily, as the exam went on and his pupil was dilated, the doctor discovered that his left eye was intermittently "coming on" which meant that his brain was shutting it off when his eyes were having a hard time working together.  Luckily with vision exercises and 2 hours of patching the good eye each day, over time we can correct it. I was relieved in knowing that it's not permanent if we are aggressive... yes, another thing on my full plate of life.

My point in sharing this story with you is this... we all face things that can tear us down, rip us up, cause us to be resentful, angry depressed... all which will keeping us from being all that we can and could be. The naked truth is that many people travel through life with poop-colored glasses on. It's typical; something bad happens to you, and for days, weeks and sometimes months or years, you swim around in that pool of mud finding it hard to get out and rinse off because staying in it seems easier, even oddly more comfortable, you want to sulk, to feel sorry for yourself, to be mad, angry, upset.. but in the end who does that truly hurt? (yep... I don't even have to say it.)

I got through my crazy, busy, emotional, and exhausting week with a positive attitude with only one night that I wanted to run from my own grumpiness, because defeat was not an option. That is how YOU must do it too. When we give ourselves no other option than to JUST DO IT, JUST ACHIEVE IT, JUST CONQUER IT... then success and accomplishment will be our inevitable.

As always
Have an awesome week! 




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