Monday, February 3, 2014

Just Being There....

Yesterday was a really great day, I started it off by making breakfast for my family, even though I could not eat what I made for them due to to my annoying gluten and dairy allergies. I sure do love the smell of maple syrup and bacon, I mean, who doesn't adore that yummy aroma? What I loved most were the smiles that lit up their faces and the "mmmmmm" sounds that my daughter Abrielle kept making with every single bite; pancakes are her favorite and as she licked the syrup from her fingers I knew I had done something good. Shortly after breakfast I loaded up the kiddos and we headed off to church for another positive encounter. 

The message was absolutely wonderful yesterday; it always seems to hit the spot and truly keeps my mind in the right place each and every week. It's better than therapy and TRUST ME! I am sure that I could use some at times. 

On the drive home, I asked my son what he had learned in class and he said "I learned that God loves everyone, even when you are bad or if you mess up." I smiled, because THAT is the message we should be learning, the one that we should be sharing, it is the message that I wished I had learned as a child instead of "If you do wrong you will go to hell." That is harsh and unforgiving even for an adult to swallow.

If I had learned back then what I have learned today, I would not have been lost for so many years thinking I was not good enough to be forgiven and probably would have forgiven others more easily myself instead of carrying grudges and ill feeling around. I would have also understood that just because you are faithful does not mean you will be exempt to pain and suffering and with that, many things that happened throughout my life would have made more sense to me. 

It is truly comforting knowing that my children will grow up realizing that we are loved for our imperfections... that it is okay, normal and acceptable to screw up as long as we ask for forgiveness; it confirmed that I am doing something else good for my kids.

We spent the afternoon and early evening at a friend's for a kid-friendly Super Bowl party celebrating football, although I was having fun playing with the kids, not really caring at all about the game. I must admit that it is not always easy to get me into the "playful mommy" mode. I really have to switch that button on, but for some reason yesterday it was really easy and I am still trying to figure out what made it different. When we got home, I gave them baths, tucked them in and read them a bedtime story as I usually do. As an added bonus, I decided to sing one of their favorite bedtime songs; John Denver's "Sunshine on my Shoulders" which is a song my daddy used to sing to me when I was a little girl. As I sang, I sat and held Abrielle rocking her back and forth and she giggled and hugged me the entire time then applauded me in the end with a smile from ear to ear. It was a truly awesome moment. Upon completing the song, my son told me that I should "go to a big place and sing for real because I was that good." It was the perfect end to a perfect day and it had NOTHING to do with football. 

We get so wrapped up in all the craziness of life sometimes, that we have a hard time just being there... but after the day I had yesterday, I am going to make a conscious effort to pull away more often and just be there, because it made me as happy as it made them. I hope you will do the same.

Have an awesome week! 




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