Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Believing = Achieving! HOW TO DO IT!

Yes... it's cliche' but quite frankly regardless of how sick and tired you are of hearing it... it's kind of like the way they cook fries at McDonald's... the formula WORKS. If you BELIEVE you can do something and take the necessary steps to reach the goal of ACHIEVING it... it WILL eventually happen. I don't care what obstacles you find... (I can say this because I have personally had mountains of them) if you use those obstacles as stepping stones, and look at them as challenges you can get past them. Is it easy to do that? Umm NO! That is why it takes a certain kind of strength to overcome. However, I truly believe that ANYONE can re-program their mind and obtain strength if they stay focused on their goal.

SO>>> how do I do it? Well, here is a recent example:

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, I have been setting and reaching goals over the last week to gain more exposure (via likes) in order to build myself as a motivational/inspirational author. When I started this mission I only had 165 page likes and 16 people were "talking" about the page. On January 17th... I decided to set a goal to reach 1000 likes with 500 people talking about the page by March 31st. Pretty hefty goal but I BELIEVE I can do it. My next move was to create my "PLAN" on how...  I started by creating a Facebook ad and promoting posts on my page. I set my daily promotional budget at $5 and promoted specific posts for $5 each, I then capped my entire spending budget at $100 just so I could see how effective it would be and keep it under control. I made sure to interact with my page frequently by posting progress on my goal and things that I felt people would like and share. (which I do anyway) I set "baby step" goals so that I could get that instant gratification because THAT is what creates momentum. My first "baby step goal was set on Friday the 18th and it was to reach 200 likes by Sunday the 20th!  By building momentum and asking for people to share I exceeded my goal a whole day early! It was exciting to watch, and I gave a signed copy of my book away to like # 200!

I then set a new goal on Sunday at which time I had 234 likes and 104 talking about the page. My new goal was to reach 300 likes with 175 talking about it by Wednesday. I duplicated exactly what I did to reach the first goal (since it worked) and by Tuesday I had exceeded my goal once again a whole day early; 311 likes and 180 talking about it; like # 300 also gets a signed book!


I have always done things this way. Anyone can set a goal, many people have dreams... what it takes to achieve and make things reality is a plan, the willingness to work that plan, dedication and most of all BELIEF that you CAN! I have said it a zillion times and I will say it till the day I die... If you BELIEVE IT you can ACHIEVE it. Why then, is it so hard for some people? There are many reasons, but one thing I found in my own experience is that I set BIG goals and the thought of getting to the finish line was often overwhelming. I needed more resources than I had, more money than I had and more time than I had... and because of that I had a hard time gaining momentum and got discouraged quickly. When I made the decision (probably due to something I read in a success book somewhere) to divide my BIG goal into smaller more attainable goals I began to have success in both personal and professional goals and everything else I did, (including laundry, housework, and all that domestic stuff) 

Being that we are human, and things happen that get in our way, we must be smart in our planning. Think of  your goal as your wedding day... where every little detail has to be perfect or for you guys... think of it as the night you propose to someone... every detail matters and will have everything to do with the way it all turns out. Girls want the "perfect day" and guys want the ego boosting YES" ... it's all relative. To reach a BIG goal... break it down into small goals so that you can build momentum in your feat to achieve. It feels good, it makes you feel powerful and it allows you to believe you can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to... and THAT is how we ALL should be thinking!

 I hope this helps you achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality!
To learn more about how I have dealt with adversity in my life here is the link to my book