Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Ripple Effect

As wind runs across the water of an ocean, the vibration starts a wave. As the wave rolls in towards the ultimate destination... the shore, it gains momentum as more water joins it's push towards the finish line. It gets stronger, bigger, faster and more excitement builds as it comes in. We watch in amazement at this  natural wonder, now several feet high and realize it's all because of the momentum that was built as it headed for it's goal. As the wave hits the shore it rolls over in victory and crashes into a white abyss and the water rests on the sand and rocks like tears on the face of victory; job well done.

This is a ripple effect and it takes place in every day life as well. Everything starts with one person and can exist with only one person. However when we join hands and head for a common goal, a destination, we help one another, support one another, and instead of competing we gain the momentum to reach our goals faster, stronger, and bigger. Many things in today's world are based on competition. We constantly compare ourselves to other people, giving ourselves a complex and low self esteem. We want to "one up" our friends, neighbors and people we don't even associate with to prove what? That we can do it better alone?

I know that I am much better with the support of a team, a cheering squad, a community of people all working together to accomplish something amazing, something big, something only dreams are made of. I like powerful, meaningful, emotional, experiences and although I can do and have done a lot on my own, I have always been stronger with support and gain more momentum that way. It took me a long time to realize that doing it alone does not make you better, it does not make you a hero, it does not make you victorious... it only makes it harder and in the end you are still alone.

Have you ever listened to a radio station that is raising money or perhaps watched a telethon? What about a popular Facebook post? Don't you get you excited when you hear the phones ringing off the hook or see tons of likes on a post? Doesn't it make you want to be a part when you hear "Sandy just donated $100, thank you Sandy for your generous donation." or how seeing 35 likes makes you want to be #36? All of a sudden there are 5 more likes, 5 more rings, five more donations... some are smaller, some are bigger but it is all for one reason, one purpose. Every person counts because every person makes it one step closer to the goal; every ring, every like, every comment makes more people react. This is ripple effect... it's effective, it's powerful and it is truly amazing.

I am a nerd... have said it many many times. I watch stats like a spider watches a fly and right now... a ripple effect is happening for me and that ripple effect is creating momentum, and momentum is exactly what I need to get my story out there, to share with the masses that you CAN overcome adversity, you CAN win, you CAN change your attitude which WILL in turn change your altitude. Tonight, I encourage you to stop and think the next time you want to accomplish something; see if you could do something to create a ripple effect. Get people around you excited, build momentum in whatever it is you do, even if you have to do it with yourself as I did for many years (it's kind of like creating your own colony of imaginary friends) THIS is how you reach goals, it is how you overcome, it is how you achieve what you believe. TRUST me on this!