Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Love~ Support~ Family~ and True Friends...

It has been a LOOOONNNGGG couple of weeks. Being in DC for Photoshop World for five days then immediately coming back to the closing on our new home, diving into painting,/prepping and then moving; losing my Step-mom to cancer and then two friends, one to a sudden heart attack and one to liver disease all in a matter of two weeks will EXHAUST even the Energizer bunny (to which I have been referred to as being more than once in my life.)

Last night after cleaning up from dinner it was about 9:00 and I finally sat down... to veg. To my complete surprise, when I sat down, my mind apparently allowed everything to settle in and I began to tear up with an overwhelming puddle of emotions thinking about the people I lost over the last week. I was on Facebook and saw a beautiful picture of my friend Henry... I opened a photo album in my photos to see a picture of my Step-mom, Mom and Dad taken on New Year's Eve 2008 and I looked at a picture of my friend Vivian and her husband Rick who passed away last week. It was my moment of grieving that I had not allowed myself to have being that I was caught up in the middle of my move, it had been "on hold" and by sitting down I clicked the "play" button.

I wanted to take this morning to thank each and every person who offered love, support, comfort and encouragement through all of this, it means more to me than any of you may ever know. Without the support in knowing people care about you enough to reach out to congratulate you, offer kind and loving words when you are feeling sadness, offering an ear when you need to vent, a shoulder to cry on or help in doing something that needs to get done.... things would be much more difficult. Love support, family and true friends are an amazing blessing and I am truly thankful to have received that blessing from many of you over the past couple of weeks. YOU ARE AMAZING, and I love you all!

I want to intentionally and purposefully give a special thanks to Aniko Downey, Danny Mills, Gregory Lewis, Emily Watson, Lara Luchart, Davonne Smith, Miguel Campos, George Lachmanek, Diane Heth, Jane Mak, Vivian Schofield, Nancy Candy, Andrea Beck, Tracy Bankhead and Wendy Wofford for your ongoing continuous support in nearly everything I do. To my mom, you are my ROCK; always have been and apparently always will be. And last but not least to Corey... it has been a crazy two weeks and I am so happy to have had you by my side through it all. Here's to our life together babe!

I hope that all of you are able to sit back and say that you too have been blessed with true friends, whether it be one or many. Life is so much sweeter because of them. Be a true friend and you will likely find

"Many people in life search for one "true" friend; I have been blessed with many because I have learned that the first step to finding a true friend is simply being one." ©2012ShelleyGiard


In loving memory of three terrific people to which I had the honor of knowing. 
You will be missed by many and never forgotten.