Friday, April 13, 2012

That Moment When you Feel Like You Can't Breathe...

Have you ever had a moment when something happened that gave you the feeling that you can't breathe? Like you would absolutely hyperventilate at any moment? Did you know what to do when this happened? Perhaps you got shocking news, could have been good or bad... maybe you found out someone you trusted lied to you, or that someone you love was not forthcoming in something you felt you should have known... or maybe it was finding out something amazing was right around the corner that you had been waiting for all of your life.

It is at moments like this that we must stop and think about what is happening, we must stay rational in a heated angry moment because it is important to maintain composure and analyze both sides when we are faced with something we do not understand; otherwise we say things we don't mean, or say things we do mean in a hurtful way. On the flip-side, when faced with exciting news, we must revel in the moment and open the throttle wide as to experience the full effect of the happiness and victory that lies within it all.

Many times in life we don't think enough... we are too busy or too selfish to take the necessary time we should to make purposeful, meaningful, rational and correct decisions. However when you learn this and apply it  to your life, things will change... hands down without a doubt. I have learned all my lessons the hard way, I have no doubt this will continue given my rebellious, stubborn nature. What I can say in my defense however is that it no longer takes me once-twice-three times to learn from them; and that is what I call growth.

Wishing everyone a moment that will take your breath away... (in a good way of course!)

"Take the time you need to think things through... it is a necessary practice in order to birth good decisions" ShelleyGiard©2012