Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whipping One Out

I am talking about whipping out a quick blog... I am going to do my best to be inspiring tonight, however being that I am moving tomorrow, and my week has been a long and emotional one; my mind may be side tracked. However, I figured that I cannot let my reader's down by skipping two nights in a row just because my life is preoccupied... so I am whipping one out for ya!

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. We closed on our house last week so this week has been spent prepping, cleaning, and painting the new home as much as we can before moving in as I said in an earlier blog this week. After three years of being on my own with my kiddos a new chapter of my life begins this weekend, and I am bubbling with excitement, nervousness, butterflies, and happiness. It feels like my "eventual" life is really beginning. My mind is in the right place, as well as my heart, and my passion for helping others is in full force. I don't what you believe, but according to the big man upstairs and many very successful mentors, that means I am right where I need to be to accept the good things are really going to happen now. That was the up-side of my roller coaster.

Now, for the down-side :(

Yesterday was a tough day, I was up earlier than normal because I knew I had to get ready for a long day of working at the house. Just as I woke up, I got a text from my baby brother Aaron who lives in South Carolina saying that my step-mom had passed away an hour before. She had been battling lung cancer for two grueling years and finally lost her fight. Unfortunately, she did not pass peacefully in her sleep as we had all hoped. It was more like a scene from a horror movie according to my father who was a complete mess when I called him moments after getting off the phone with my brother. Not fair... not fun, and living so many miles away made it impossible to give my dad the hug that I so wanted to give him. That was Down-side part 1.

Despite the sadness I was feeling for my Dad, I managed to get myself in gear and do what I had planned to do and that was to paint and clean, so I did. Then later in the afternoon, I get a call from my children's previous nanny Vivian. She was with me and the kids for over a year and had to leave due to her husband becoming terminally ill. He also passed away yesterday after a very long battle with liver disease. Down-side part 2. Thanks goodness there is not a part 3.

It was almost surreal that both Vivian and my Dad had thrown their lives for the past two years into taking care of their spouses with terminal illness, putting EVERYTHING else on hold only to lose them on the same day within hours of each other. It was a weird moment for sure, and a sad one for all involved.

I woke up today VERY thankful that I woke up, thankful that despite the busy week I had and the tiring weekend I have coming up, I was able to kiss my kids goodbye this morning, I gave my Mom a hug, and when I got to the new house I kissed Corey and told him that I loved him. We are never promised the next day, the next hour or even the next moment... it is easy to lose sight of this during the hustle and bustle of every day life, however I encourage you to stop and think of this often... never take anything for granted, don't take advantage of your friends and loved ones but DO take advantage of every moment you have with them because we never know when we may not get that goodbye kiss or hug we tend to take for granted. Cuddle your spouse, kiss your mom and dad, be nice to people you don't know and be kind to the ones you do and most of all if you have kids...tell them that you will always be thinking of them even when you are not with them... then if for some reason your time runs out you will leave behind something good for everyone.

Have a fabulous night/day everyone!