Sunday, April 1, 2012

Because you CAN that's why!

This weekend was great! Being able to go to the new house and begin making it ours was SO much fun. Corey and I have a lot of prepping and painting to do before the big move next weekend, but as exhausting as it will be, we are very excited. This is what happens when two artists collide... creative genius!

Being that both of us are big movie fanatics, we are having fun taking that into consideration in our decorating ideas. I am a lover of vintage things and antique furniture. I love distressed things because they have a story... they have built character through each owner who has enjoyed their company. I often feel like an old piece of furniture myself. (this blog post goes into that a bit further.)

I absolutely LOVED the movie King's Speech for  many reasons but most of all, for the set decor... especially the iconic distressed wall in the movie. This weekend, because I CAN I decided to try and re-create this wall as a test on the wall of what will be our wet bar area. If it turned out okay, we decided to turn a HUGE wall in our formal living room into the same.

I literally felt like an engineer trying to sort out how to do this wall in my head, it was really fun... I am not only creative with hair and makeup...  creativity kind of boils out from my veins; if only I had the time to do all I COULD do. (maybe I won't give up on the idea of cloning myself, I am sure there is a doctor SOMEWHERE that I can hire black market to make like 5 of me... ha-ha) After carefully thinking it all through and mapping it out in my head, just like everything else, I decided to wing it! Planning only works for methodical things like math and vacations, not creative things like faux-finishing a wall to make it look 100 years old. After several hours and a lot of tweaking my mission was accomplished! A VERY exciting moment for me. (does not take much to humor or excite me, and I am also a cheap date in case you wondered.)

I painted this wall because I CAN. My inspirational lesson tonight is this:

You too CAN do anything you set your mind to... even if it's something you have NEVER done before. How bad do you want it? Can you taste it? If the answer is not yes... then you will probably never get it. You have to want something so bad that you will buy 17 sample sizes of paint to make it work, do you hear me? Want it BAD and do it because you CAN!