Friday, January 6, 2012

Cherishing Small Moments

As I peeked in to check on my sleeping stinkers tonight, I found my little "Brie" in the floor beside her wee little toddler bed face down, buttocks in the air, and fingers gently tucked in her mouth; I smiled with pride. She has accomplished so many hurdles over the past year and it amazes me that just like any other 2 year old; she has her own "big girl bed" and even though she rolls out of it once in a while... she is growing up and loves the new freedom.

I can remember when I found out she was going to have Down syndrome and how not knowing what to expect was scary; but something in my heart told me everything would be okay... and it is. She is sunshine on a cloudy day, smiles as big as rainbows and her laughs play over and over in your mind hours after hearing them. As I picked her up, kissed her cheek and laid her back down in that big girl bed, a tear came to my eye thinking that even wee little once-upon-a- time 4 lb miracle is growing too fast.

With my oldest in college, I know what that means and have learned all too well that despite the hustle and bustle of life, we must stop and smell those scrumptious roses for at some point they will lose their scent. It is when they are young that they smell the sweetest and it is no different with a child. The bold blooms they boast with age will make you proud you took care of them, and that love will show in the prize winning beauties they become.

Take the time to let it all sink in... these moments won't last forever.  It is time now for me to dive into my own pillow and possibly raise my fanny in the air too! Goodnight my readers! XOXO