Monday, January 9, 2012

Thieves and Liars and Bears... OH MY!

I am one of those people that would give you the shirt off my back, the last dollar in my purse, or anything else for that matter within reason if you needed it and likely even if you just wanted it; IF you ask . Granted, a stranger would not know this about me... so I am thinking I will wear a sign from now on when I go out in public that says JUST ASK ME! Of course I am joking about the sign, but nothing annoys me more than a thief; (well liars are a close second), but thieves are definitely #1 typically they go hand-in-hand.

I am forgetful, and I often misplace things on a daily basis however today this was not the case... I was pick-pocketed, or rather pick-pursed and it left me annoyed which is a feeling I would rather not experience. I woke up on a mission to get out of the house and have a great day of shopping and fun with my kids and my guy,  luckily that mission was accomplished... however while I was video taping my kiddos bungee bouncing at the local mall a lady sitting oddly close to me helped herself to a shopping bag of "makeup magic" goodies that I had just purchased for a three day shoot I was booked for this week in my unzipped purse. Did I actually SEE her do it? No... however I caught a glimpse of her peculiar behavior; (oddly broken down to : pec-u-liar)  in my peripheral vision, I made eye contact and smiled at her before moving my purse away from her not realizing my bag was already gone. By the time I realized it, SHE was the one gone.

My point of sharing this is nothing other than me venting and reminding you to keep your eyes on your things when out in public. Crazy desperate times are among us folks and this brings out the ugly in people. Today I was a victim of meeting an "ugly". If only she had known what I do for a living, she could have gotten a free makeover and a therapy session! Alas... she did not ruin my day but she certainly made me remember why I prefer to shop online! Have a great night everyone and if  you hear a lady bragging about scoring some cool makeup tools get her number so I can show her how to use them! ;)