Sunday, January 15, 2012

Football, Fun & Photography

As the weekend slowly comes to an end, I breathe in all of the awesomeness it brought to my week. It was a jam-packed week for sure with numerous photo shoots and otherwise business, but I would not have it any other way. I love working with amazing photographers who share an absurd creative vision. I made a client feel "alive" again with a brand new hairstyle and color and then surprised her with a makeup application to make a tired mother of two add "sexy" back to her vocabulary. Then there was movie night with my friend-girls some exciting football, and possibly finding our new house. I am filled to the brim with smiles and could not be happier right now.  

Learn to appreciate the littlest things; I am telling you! ... the moments where you may do nothing much but can still smile and feel that life is good. Sometimes we are so busy being swallowed up by the things we are NOT happy with that we forget that we are otherwise blessed with many small moments that can teach us to appreciate it all in stride. I hope this weekend was good for everyone, and if not... take a step backwards and look with a critical eye for what you can do to make the week ahead and awesome one! 

Love you all! xoxo