Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mean People? Nope, No Time for Them.

You know the type... the kind of people who love to ruin your day by saying or doing something obnoxious that crawls under your skin and takes a nap? I have met them, honked at them, cursed at them, and have even entertained a few with useless banter because I just could not help myself, and guess what? Every time I got angry back my day WAS ruined... their mission? ACCOMPLISHED.

 Avoid mean people like the next big infectious disease... because frankly that is what they are. Anger is a funny emotion, once it comes over you, it consumes you. It can make even the most rational person irrational if buttons are pressed correctly. It is possibly the easiest emotion to get out of most people while others never show any sign of it.

What's the difference? Well... people who are short tempered, anger easily and love to ruin your day with actions and words that are hateful and mean are typically not rational people nor are they happy people. Being mean gives them a sense of accomplishment... a demented sort of self worth. They have little patience with anything and handle stress like aN elephant handles china. The aromatic aura they put off when they walk in a room resembles that of a dumpster in mid summer and the stench never seems to go away.

When you work with these people, are related to these people, or married to these people it can suck the life out of you and quite possibly never give it back. What do you do? Well... you don't let them get to you. That is much easier said than done but if you allow them to get to you, they have won. The bully in school is always satisfied when they know they broke you down, that is their mission, the key is to let them lose. If you have to bite your tongue and walk away... do it, because when you don't, you have entered the point of no return by feeding the hungry bear and while he stands with a full belly you are left raging, squandering and completely useless until you calm down.

There is something to be said about turning the other cheek and killing someone with kindness or better yet... ignoring them all together!

Here's to leaving mean people on the curb waiting for a cab!
Have a great night!