Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspiring Minds Want to Know...

As I sit here tonight, I have been reading over my manuscript ... again (my memoir for those who are unaware) and it never fails. No matter what mood I am in when I read it, I am inspired, touched, cry and laugh throughout the entire thing. I still cannot believe as I read, that all of this happened to one person.... Oh wait! It was ME that it happened to. Now some of you may say... ahhh there she goes, blowing up her balloon again, for sales of her book... but I must stop you DEAD in your tracks and say, nope... sorry you could not be more wrong! 

 I am not doing this for the money... I just hope that when other people read it they get the same feelings that I do; I read it as a reader, not the author of the book. Granted, making money will be a perk and for my children it will begin a legacy, but my intention and mission is to inspire and motivate people with the stories of my life. I started book # 2 today and that is pretty exciting. I weave and bob all of this into my very busy life because it is important to me, and I enjoy it... even if I am a walking Zombie; I am a happy one and makeup covers dark circles ;)

I found out today that I will be in print in roughly 4 months and that is SO exciting! Self promotion is a BIG key to success in this ocean of author guppies and I began over a year ago posting excerpts from each chapter as I wrote my book on my Facebook fan page. I am hovering at about 287 fans tonight but have much more activity according to my insights which tells me what is REALLY going on. I am excited... elated actually, and it is all surreal. I am making choices that will lead me to my dreams, and you can do the same. I have NOT had it easy, I have struggled... and still do; but I never gave up and I never will. 

In honor of my excitement, I am going to begin posting random excerpts from my book here on my blog in hopes of gaining interest, and gathering up some new fans. (I need someone to be standing in lines at my book signings, so please save me from the embarrassment and share with friends if you like what you see) So... as appropriate as I feel it is, my first excerpt I choose to share with you ... my followers... (aka drinkers of my Kool-aid) are the very first words of my book.... and if it leaves you wanting more... click here and take the time to scroll back to the beginning of my fan page (it's shorter than the yellow brick road) and read upwards. (I am sure you have done worse things with your time and I PROMISE you will gain something from it) 
Thanks to all of you who read, join my blog and choose follow me on the journey to 
"My Happy Ending".... 
XOXO  ~ Shells~

"I Need the Happy Ending" by Shelley Giard

August 5th, 1985

“Dear Diary,
 Today, I haven’t had a bad day. I have just been thinking that four years ago today, my sister Teresa died. I loved her a lot. And I miss her. I can’t believe it has been that long since she has been gone. I just wish that I could see her and talk to her like I used to, but I know I can’t unless I die. But I don’t want to die yet. I just want to see her again. “
(Sad, but too young to die)

I was just 10 years old; a sad little girl mourning the death of my sister on the very first page of my very first diary… on the 4 year anniversary of her death. I wondered as I re-opened this diary 25 years later, why I chose that day to scribble my first thoughts ever onto paper. I was overcome with the feeling that maybe this event; this inscription was simply a beginning to my eventual end; how writing on this day was not a thought in my conscious mind at all. It was in fact a purposeful moment on the long and rugged path which led me to where I am today. It became a testament to my belief that we all have a destiny… a plan that was decided for us, and it is up to us to play it out one day at a time just as it is presented.  It is my belief that tragic events which happen, even those in the life of a young little girl, can, and most likely will… impact your life forever. It is only those with the undying tenacity to overcome the obstacles of life’s laughter that are able to reap the benefits of what it means to keep going so that you may find and embrace the happy ending that awaits us all. This was the beginning of my journey…

"Choose the high road because the low road sees no sunshine." SGIARD2012